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Digital cameras are continually improving but it is easy to be blinded by all the specs!  We have always tried to provide what we consider to be the best cameras based on more than just their bold specifications.  Our camera range is split into four main categories - Compact camera hire, Micro System camera hire, Rangefinder camera hire and SLR camera hire. 

The Compact Camera range has changed the most since we started the company. It used to include lower spec cameras but the world of camera phones has made them more or less redundant. Compacts now pack a huge punch and the cameras we are now stocking provide unbelievably good results. Granted they are not cheap (which is why you might to want to hire) but you just would not believe what these cameras are capable of and when size is important, only a compact will do!

The Micro System Camera range of cameras has dramatically grown in the last few years and predictions say that they will take 50% of the SLR market in the next few years. There's no getting away from the fact they provide excellent quality, interchangeable lenses (both ones designed specifically for the cameras and also being backwards compatible with SLR lenses using adaptors) and most importantly being far smaller than their SLR brethren. Clearly being smaller means less room for buttons so from an operational point of view, they can be more of a pain if you are used to SLR's but it is easy to see why they are so popular. Their one main compromise of slower AF is becoming less and less of a problem as on-sensor AF technology improves

Rangefinders have been around for a while in their traditional form and indeed it was because of numerous requests from customers that we started stocking the incredible Leica M9-P. But there is now another major player in the shape of Fuji that launched an incredible range of cameras since the arrival of the original X100 back in 2011. Providing an ideal compromise between size, handling and image quality, they really are worth a look, not forgetting that they look absolutely gorgeous!

The SLR Camera range includes the very best and latest models available from Nikon, Canon, Sigma and Sony.  We continually add to the range as models are released.

As you can see, it's not just cameras we supply - we have a full lens hire range and we do accessory hire as well! We are SIGMA's official lens hirer here in the UK so ensure that at all times we have a comprehensive and up-to-date range available.

If you want to rent a camera that we do not stock, please do contact us - we would be very keen to here from you.

Super friendly, useful and helpful on the phone - you guys even showed an interest in my project and we had a brief chat about it, which was nice! There was also a courier issue upon collection, and you guys were super helpful and understanding and didn't surcharge me. Amazing.
- Alex Morley, London

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