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The world of SLR video has rapidly expanded since Canon first launched the Canon EOS-5D Mk II and the number of accessories to support this industry has grown exponentially.

What started out as a method for press photographers to grab video clips has turned into a creative filming industry all of its own.

They may have their limitations but the picture quality available from these cameras is quite astonishing for the price and this is the main reason for their exceptional following.

Clearly these cameras were designed to take still photos. Whilst you can shoot video out of the box, there are several accessories that can certainly make your life a great deal easier and this is what this section is for.

Why does everything seem to be for Canon cameras?

The simple answer is that at present, Canon produce the best range of D-SLRs with a video function.  Whilst Nikon do offer video on their SLR's, realistically the D800 is the only camera in their range able to produce the goods (D4 quality isn't great and the D600 is unable to adjust aperture in Liveview).  That's not to say that Canon have had everything to themselves. Sony have come along a long way and their a99 is able to offer some impressive features (such is in-built OS and the ability to attach XLR connectors).

Certainly still there is a greater following within the Canon community than with any other manufacturer. If you are unsure, just ask us as we'll be more than happy to advise you.

Are these all the accessories you have?

In a simple answer, no!

As we also hire out camcorders, we have a huge range of camcorder accessories such as tripods, wired and wireless microphones.  Please feel free to browse our Camcorder Accessory section for further details.

Keep up the good work. The only way to evaluate a new camera is to hire it and use it. A lot of online reviews can be very misleading and even inaccurate.
- Peter Rowlands, Devon

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