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Documents Required

We only need to ask you once for these documents (unless you move or change payment method). We appreciate it is a pain but unfortunately it is necessary!

What I need to supply

If you are an individual/sole trader paying on your credit or debit card.

We will need two forms of identification. The first needs to be a personal form of identification e.g. a copy of either your EU passport or EU driving licence. If you are providing your passport, we must have a full colour copy of the page showing your photo and signature. If you are providing your driving licence, it must be a colour copy.

The second piece of identification needs to be something that has been sent within the last 3 months to the registered address of the card used for payment - a full page of a council tax bill, bank statement, credit card statement or utility bill would suffice.

If you are a Limited Company or Partnership paying by company credit card (registered to the company address).

We will need a letter of confirmation on company headed paper with the company registration number shown as proof of identification.  Please feel free to use the following template -

Dear Hireacamera,

This letter is to confirm the order I have placed for 'equipment' for ‘delivery/collection in person’ on 'date' and ‘collection/return in person’ on 'date'. The delivery address for this is 'address' and the collection address for this is 'address'.

The total hire charge for this is '£' the deposit for this is '£'. I authorise you to debit this amount from the card details that I have provided you with. The address that the card is registered to is -

Yours sincerely

Signature and Date

'Full Name'

If you are a Limited Company or Partnership paying by company credit card (registered to your home or another address).

We will need paperwork as explained above, however we would in addition need some proof of where the card is registered to (i.e if a home address - a driving licence and a utility bill or bank statement that has been sent within the last 3 months).

Terms and Conditions - required for both personal and business hires

Lastly will also need you to return our Terms and Conditions signed by the authorised credit card holder.

Please note that we do not need the original documents, however please ensure that copies are good enough to read and photos are recognisable. Please also note that in certain circumstances, we will use a risk assessment service to qualify your documents.

We do require two telephone numbers - a landline and a mobile number. Why? Very simply if your mobile number goes down, we still need to get hold of you!

Where we are not satisfied with the validity of either the intended hirer or the purpose for which the equipment is being hired, we reserve the right to refuse to hire. Your statutory rights are not affected and all documentation provided will be destroyed.

How I can get it to you

There are 2 ways of getting it to us -

Email - scan and send to enquiries@hireacamera.com. Alternatively you could photograph the documents and attach them to an email (however, if doing this, please ensure that the full page is visible and clear to read).

Post - our address can be found here.
Please ensure enough that you leave enough time for the documents to arrive and be verified before the dispatch of the equipment

The service we received was brilliant. The staff were all very helpful and professional. The only hiccup was when the courier tried to deliver at an earlier time than we were advised. Your staff did their best to rectify the problem and we found a way round it. Jaine was really kind and helpful. We are booking again with you this weekend!
- Brigid Armstrong, Surrey

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