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Hiring - How to do it?

We hope that you find it very easy to hire from us. Below are a few tips on how to do so. If you still have any further queries, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Using the website

We have tried to make the new website as easy as possible to use. All equipment has been logically listed under the category tabs at the top of the page. You will find subcategories listed on the left hand side.

Each piece of equipment has a detailed page giving you everything from detailed product shots to manuals to download to reviews (the amount of information will vary according to each model).

The website has been developed with you in mind so please do keep giving us feedback so we can make it even better!!

Checking availability and prices

You can check availability three ways

Use the on-line system
Drop us an email
Pick up the phone

Whichever method you choose, we will happily get back to you promptly. We often get asked why we can’t fully automate the availability system. The simple reason is that frequently we have to move equipment around to accommodate the enquiry or suggest alternatives based on your group of equipment and this is still something better done by humans!

However, if everything is available and there are no complications, the system will email you with the results within a matter of minutes. If it does require our attention, during working hours we aim to reply within 10 minutes. Outside of working hours, we usually come back to you within a couple of hours.

Reserving equipment

This can be done either on-line or over the phone. If you have received an availability request response email, there will be a link allowing you to reserve the equipment on-line and fill in collection and delivery details.

If you would rather speak to one of us, that’s no problem at all. We will talk you through the whole process, take all of your information and explain what documents we require (please see the separate section – Documents Required).

Once the equipment has been reserved and the booking taken, a confirmation email will be sent to you outlining all the details. Please do check it to ensure all the details are correct.

The overall service was first class, & hire charges extremely competitive. Registration was quick, easy, & the equipment arrived ready to use. I will definitely be hiring equipment again, as it makes total financial sense during a period when buying equipment for infrequent use is not advisable.
- Brian Young, Northumberland

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