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4k Blackmagic Production Camera - Brighton

We were somewhat surprised when the Blackmagic 4K Production Camera came through the door - we're so used to them taking a while to arrive!

Priority was to get it out and test so we called on our good friend James Miller to see if he'd be interested in trying it. You can read all about that in our blog but if you would like to find out more about the camera, please have a look at our detailed product page.

The whole experience was really impressive. I have to say the arranged delivery and pick up puts you above the rest and I'll definately be hiring from you again. The only thing I could say was that just a tiny bit more instruction could be given on the delivery papers on how the package up the equipment. I was not at home when it was recieved and I asked my family to ensure all was ok so it was unpacked. Nevertheless I just picked up the phone and asked what to do with the tie straps and it was fine. All worked well and people were very helpful!
- Heather Cooper, London

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