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Canon Mount

Canon Mount Lens Hire Information

Canon lens hire

We stock a wide range of Canon mount lenses, not just from Canon themselves but also from Sigma and Tokina.

The range includes varying focal lengths from 8mm to 800mm.  We have split the lenses up into groups above to make selection easier.

If you are having trouble finding what you'd like, please do call us - we are always only too happy to help!

EF and EF-S explained

First introduced in 1987, the EF lens mount is the standard lens mount on the Canon EOS family of SLR film and digital cameras. EF stands for "Electro-Focus": automatic focusing on EF lenses is handled by a dedicated electric motor built into the lens. Mechanically, it is a bayonet-style mount, and all communication between camera and lens takes place through electrical contacts; there are no mechanical levers or plungers.

In 2003, Canon introduced the EF-S lens mount, a derivative of the EF mount that is strictly for digital EOS cameras with a 1.6x crop released after 2003. EF lenses can be mounted on EF-S bodies, albeit with cropped image, while EF-S lenses cannot be mounted on EF bodies (5D MkII).

it was only the first time that i have hired equipment. i was impressed with the service and the equipment. thankyou
- John Shaw, West Midlands

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