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Sony lens hire

Sony have been a late entry into the D-SLR market but of course the mount they use has been around a fair while, as any Minolta owner will know.

Sony's range consists of their normal lenses, Carl Zeiss and Sony G ranges. We have concentrated on the more expensive Carl Zeiss and Sony G lenses as we suspect they are the ones that our customers will want to hire.

This is a new area for us and we are keen to hear from Sony customers as to what lenses you are interested in. So if you can't find what you want, please do let us know!

The first two or three contacts with you were rather tortuous: the first contact was with someone who could have frankly been more helpful. I explained the nature of my home address being my billing address and my practice address being where I needed the lens delivering. She was unable to confirm exactly what documentation/proof of identity I actually needed to send but claimed the "accounts department" would determine this. She wouldn't however put me through to "accounts" leaving me in a rather "Catch 22" situation. After scanning all manner of documents and submitting them, there was still seemingly no clarity as to whether I'd sent satisfactory evidence. As the process moved on, by around the third or fourth conversation, I spoke to someone much more helpful and understanding. In the end, you sent the day a day earlier than necessary to ensure it arrived in time and from the moment I was told you'd do that at no extra cost, the experience turned round entirely. I had however reached the point where I was going to give up and go back to lensesforhire.co.uk who I've had no problem with before. The problems were however totally redeemed and the final transaction was efficient and smooth. It would have been perfect if you'd just had both items I wanted. Many thanks.
- Chris Oxley, Leics

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