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Sony NS355
From £8 ex VAT a day
Sony NS355 Consumer Multiregion DVD player
Sony VRD-MC5
From £16 ex VAT a day
Sony VRD-MC5 Burn directly to DVD in either SD or HD from your camcorder. Inputs include USB, Firewire and Composite
Sony GX7 Player/Recorder
From £28 ex VAT a day
Sony GX7 Player/Recorder DVD-R/RW and DVD+RW player/recorder, composite and component out
  Daily Weekend Weekly 2 Weeks 3 Weeks Deposit
Sony NS355 £8 (£9) £12 (£14) £28 (£34) £35 (£42) £43 (£52) £38
Sony VRD-MC5 £16 (£19) £28 (£34) £51 (£61) £71 (£85) £87 (£104) £100
Sony GX7 Player/Recorder £28 (£34) £39 (£47) £67 (£80) £90 (£108) £118 (£142) £75

Prices are shown as Ex VAT in black (Inc VAT in red).  These prices are for hire only - courier charges will apply.

Hi there, I think the copy on some of your pages/emails could be clearer. For example - when sent an email about collection it mentioned calling before 10.30am, but did not specify which day (ie day email received or day of collection). Also I found the website a bit 'circular' - I went round and round it before realising I needed to do lots of the admin on the 'phone. I think you could spell out the steps required to hire kit a little clearer - it wasn't intuitive to a web-savvy user like myself. Suspect other may struggle too. Your staff are great though and it's a great service - ta!
- Alex Edouard, Wiltshire

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