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Sony NS355
From £8 ex VAT a day
Sony NS355 Consumer Multiregion DVD player
Sony VRD-MC5
From £16 ex VAT a day
Sony VRD-MC5 Burn directly to DVD in either SD or HD from your camcorder. Inputs include USB, Firewire and Composite
Sony GX7 Player/Recorder
From £29 ex VAT a day
Sony GX7 Player/Recorder DVD-R/RW and DVD+RW player/recorder, composite and component out
  Daily Weekend Weekly 2 Weeks 3 Weeks Deposit
Sony NS355 £8 (£9) £12 (£14) £29 (£35) £36 (£43) £44 (£53) £38
Sony VRD-MC5 £16 (£19) £29 (£35) £52 (£62) £72 (£87) £88 (£106) £100
Sony GX7 Player/Recorder £29 (£35) £40 (£48) £68 (£82) £92 (£110) £121 (£145) £75

Prices are shown as Ex VAT in black (Inc VAT in red).  These prices are for hire only - courier charges will apply.

Excellent gear in top condition! All up amazing service & value for money!! Some other general feedback below: It would be excellent in the future to have a time slot on when a courier will be picking up the kit. Or at least a phone call an hour before they're due to arrive. I know this may be very hard to organise and couriers don't make calls like that. The only other thing was that I received 45mm Tilt/Shift Lens instead of the 24mm Tilt/Shift that I ordered which wasn't a problem for me as it wasn't too integral to the shoot but if I did need a wider T/S lens it would have been unusable. Many thanks!
- Andy Lo Po, London

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