All Change at Hireacamera

14 March 2017 | Category: General News

In the first of our big announcements, we are delighted to share the big changes that have been happening at Hireacamera. Due to your continued support and thus our growth, it was clear last year that we were going to run out of space (again)! Rather than move our entire operation, this time we have moved most of our warehouse, everything else (such as customer services) will remain where we are.

Why split the operation? Having our own custom booking system has allowed us to tailor our operation to best suit our customers’ needs – it has merely taken a while to put into place! Our new warehouse will allow far more flexibility and remain efficient, despite the continual increase in order numbers and sizes. Its location in close proximity to several courier networks means we will be able to take advantage of better transit links in the future. Having all the space in our old warehouse means we can finally expand our offices to accommodate our ever expanding team!

Not a lot will change for our customers. You will notice the return labels will change shortly – already all return kit is currently being held and then redirected as necessary. Also if you are planning to collect equipment same day from our current premises, please bear in mind that we will most likely not have the kit on-site immediately. Thanks to a new VOIP telephone system, all numbers will remain the same regardless of location.

We’re incredibly excited about 2017 as this is just the first of our big changes for this year. We thank you for your loyal support and we will continual to concentrate on offering the very best service we can.