Is this the new website?

2 March 2015 | Category: Website

We've mentioned a fair bit on social media about our new website that's coming. It was due to be launched last Friday but we found a significant issue at the 11th hour that really needed to be addressed before launch.

In fact there were several things we wanted changing in hindsight and having missed our BVE deadline, we've decided to delay things just a bit longer.
Unfortunately our new logo and branding couldn't wait as we had already committed to this for the show and so what you see here is only our old website with the new branding. Really sorry for any confusion!!

Those that visited the stand during BVE will have seen the new site and I'm over the moon with the general reaction. It's a huge move for us - all of our stock moves to a new platform which has been a massive undertaking.

What you will see at launch is only the start - we have a 24 month update release programme going forwards, offering more as the year goes on. We've already been holding clinics with our biggest customers and I think that many of the ideas we're moving ahead with will be of interest to quite a few.
As to when it will launch - we hope by the Photography Show which opens on Saturday 21st March or at least that's the plan. The most important part is there's no inconvenience to our customers so if we have to delay further, we will.

As soon as I have a (hopefully) fixed completion date, I will let you know!
All the very best Guy