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Samyang 14mm T3.1 ED AS IF UMC VDSLR (Canon)

Wide angle cine lens

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A 14mm Video Camera Lens for Canon fit Camera Systems. This Samyang VDSLR (Video Digital SLR) is primarily for cine / filming and video purposes on Canon EF mount DSLRs or professional camcorders with the Canon EF/EF-S mount. So you can hire this wide angle lens for DSLR or Camcorder based videography, interchangably.

As with the Standard Canon mount 14mm Samyang prime it has stunning optics, follow-focus rings and a decoupled aperture. This allow the videographer to smoothly and quietly change focus and aperture and DOF whist still filming with coupling to professional geared follow-focus systems. In addition the aperture and focus scale have been moved to the lenses side to help videographers get the results they want.

When using the Samyang 14mm on a Canon APS-C DSLR - the field of view is still equivalent to an impressively wide 22mm (approx) by 35mm standards, giving the photographer/videographer an immense field of view - 114 degrees on full frame sensors, 89.9 ˚ with Canon EOS  at a 1.6x crop factor.

The Canon mount Samyang 14mm T3.5 IF ED UMC Aspherical Lens is also manufactured with to a high build quality, including a built in petal shaped lens hood to help shade the lens front from unwanted sources of light from the rear.

The Samyang 14mm (canon) features a geared focus and aperture rings which is smooth and well-damped, and couples with follow focus systems. This provides a positive manual focus, particularly suitable for movie makers or professional filming with DSLR’s where manual focus is preferred, enabling focusing pulling whilst video recording.

The optical construction is 14 elements in 12 optical groups with 3 high refractive index elements, 2x ED element, an aspherical hybrid element plus a aspherical glass element. The latest generation of anti-reflective layers: UMC - Ultra Multi Coated are incorporated to minimise flare and ghosting.


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Lens cap
Back Cap
Samyang 14mm II lens (Canon)
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Hireacamera USB Drive (Containing condition photographs)
iM2075 Flight Case