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Beyer MCE86 S II powered directional and windshield Hire

An excellent shotgun mic that can be camera mounted, handheld or placed on a boom.

*PLEASE NOTE: Batteries are not included, these will be offered to you at the checkout stage.

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A highly directional professional shotgun microphone system for mounting on cameras or on a boom using optional mounts and suspension systems. They can also be table or desk mounted for broadcast interviewing when the microphone needs to be placed at a distance out of camera shot. The MCE 86II shotgun microphones can be used for video recordings, lecterns or theatre applications.

The microphones are extremely light and rugged and therefore ideal for mounting onto cameras or camcorders. The can be used for outdoor applications and in studios with fishpole booms or as handhelds. The electrostatic transducer element and the hypercardioid/lobe polar pattern result in an excellent polar pattern with high sensitivity. Due to its construction and integrated active filter the microphone is insensitive towards wind and vibrations caused by zoom motors. Each sound source is reproduced absolutely clearly. Weighing only 92 g, the MCE 86 is one of the lightest shotgun microphones of all. Due to the rugged construction and non-glare Nextel-finish, the microphones are insensitive to mechanical strains. The MCE 86II can be powered from each balanced phantom powered input. The MCE 86 SII microphone can be battery or phantom powered.

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Beyer 86 Microphone


All packages containing this product are detailed below.
  • Canon - XF100 Corporate Package
    Canon - XF100 Corporate Package

    The Canon XF100 Corporate Package is a comprehensive kit providing solutions for sound, lighting & more, see below for details:

    Kit includes: Manfrotto Fluid Tripod & Head, Canon XF100, Beyer MCE86 S II powered directional and windshield, Sandisk 64GB Extreme Pro UDMA7 160MB/s Spare Compact Flash Card, Rode Boom Pole, Canon BP-955 Battery Pack, Generic 5m XLR cable, Rode PG2 Pistol Grip, Manfrotto Litepanels Micropro2
  • Beyer - & Zoom Sound Package
    Beyer - & Zoom Sound Package

    The Zoom F4 Multi-Track Field Recorder Package propels your film's sound to a whole new level. With 6-input/8-track recording, super-low-noise mic preamps, and time code with pinpoint accuracy, the F4 offers Hollywood sound at an indie budget.

    *PLEASE NOTE: Batteries for the mic & field recorder are not included, these will be offered to you at the checkout stage.

    Kit includes: Beyer MCE86 S II powered directional and windshield, Generic 10m XLR cable, Rode Boom Pole, Sony MDR-7506 Headphones, Rode SM3 Suspension Mount, Zoom F4 Multi-Track Field Recorder