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Orbit Comodo 35

Comodo Orbit

The Comodo Orbit is a the world’s first twin-grip, mechanical gimbal camera stabilisation rig.

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Create beautifully fluid and stable footage with Orbit from Comodo, the world’s first twin-grip, mechanical gimbal camera stabilisation rig.
Designed by multi award-winning cinematographer Leonard Retel Helmrich, to make the highly sought after ‘single-shot cinema’ technique available to film-makers without breaking the bank or losing hours of precious production time to set-up.

Easy to balance and operate, the Orbit offers unmatched simplicity, from setup to production. With no additional weights, motors or batteries required, the Orbit allows your camera to move freely with the action and uniquely into places impossible with other large stabilisation systems to deliver a wow factor to your finished production.

The twin-grip design reduces operator fatigue, often found with single-grip devices, and allows the rig to simply be passed smoothly from one operator to another creating an effect where the camera appears to be ‘flying’ through windows, doorways and other narrow spaces in a way that will have your audience asking “How did they do that?”.

Create breathtaking orbits, sweeps and even crane-style shots with this flexible and versatile handheld camera rig – designed to ‘simplify the art of capture’.


COMODO Orbit Handheld Mechanical Stabiliser

Description Quantity
Allen Key2
iM2700 Black Flight Case1
Small Extension Arms2
Medium Extension Arms2
Large Extension Arms2
Orbit carry case1
USB Drive (Containing Manual)1
Black Camera Support Knob1
Black Thumb Screw (on platform)4
Silver Thumb Screw (on platform)1
1/4 Silver Tripod Screw.3
Camera Platform Rig1
Camera Base plate1
Black Plastic Washer Grip (attached to camera rig)1
Plastic Washer1
Black Metal Washer1
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