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Sony CLM-FHD5 Clip-On LCD Monitor Hire

The Sony CLM-FHD5 Clip-On LCD Monitor is a compact 5.0-type Full HD-compatible monitor.

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For optimal shooting support
The LCD monitor CLM-FHD5, featuring functions such as Enlarging and Peaking for precise focusing, False Color and Video Level Marker for exposure adjustment assistance, and S-Log Disp. Assist for extra-reliable shooting, uses the same types of batteries that cameras do, for more convenient operation in the field.

Full HD viewing
With Full HD (1920 x 1080) capability, the CLM-FHD5 displays crisp images, enabling precise checking of focus.

A wide range of shooting assistance functionsThe CLM-FHD5 employs a rich array of functions for great still and movie shooting support, ensuring that you can focus accurately, expose images in the way you want, see precisely what is being recorded in low-contrast images, and more, while you look at the images in extra-fine detail.

Handy features for precise focusingTo check focus, you can enlarge the normal view by 3x or 6x, or use Peaking function to automatically determine which parts of the picture are in relatively sharp focus.

Enlarging images
Lets you enlarge an image to 3x or 6x magnification.

Displays monochrome image, except for focused areas in red.

False colorFalse color function displays video signal levels of an entire image's input as color distribution to help you set exposure precisely.

Video Level Marker
Video Level Marker uses colors to warn about image input areas that are overexposed/underexposed relative to the target video signal level that you choose (among five video signal levels).

S-Log Disp. Assist
This function displays the S-Log image with brightness and contrast close to those of the image as it appears in regular shooting mode, for easier focusing and monitoring.

Extending shooting freedom
A flexible shoe adaptor lets you pan and tilt the monitor freely. Or use socket holes on the monitor’s top and bottom to mount the monitor on a tripod, bracket or other support.

Swivels right and left
Approximately 180 degrees in each of both directions.

Flips forward and back
Approximately 90 degrees in each of both directions.

Attaches to tripod or bracket
Screw the monitor to a stable support through a hole on top or bottom.

Simple, comfortable operation
Controls on the monitor, including two customizable buttons, are positioned to make monitor operation simple. The ZOOM/SELECT button, for example, is easy to reach in its corner.

Customizable buttons
A frequently used function can be assigned to each of C1 and C2 buttons.


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Description Quantity
Mains Lead
BC-VW1 Battery Charger
iM2075 Orange Flight Case
Shoe Mount
Full to Mini HDMI Lead
Full to Micro HDMI Lead
Sony CLM-FHD5 Monitor with hood.
Sony CLM-FHD5 Battery Adaptor
Sony Monitor Bag (Grey)
Hireacamera USB Drive (Containing Manual)
NP-FW50 Battery