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F&V K4000S Bi-Colour 2 Light Kit Hire

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A lightweight and portable studio solution, integrating our newest technology in synchronous lighting, expandability, and power LEDs. The perfect mobile studio lighting solution. Available in daylight and bi-color models.

The new K4000S Bi-Color Studio Panel sports 400 pure color power LEDs, offering 2490 Lux @ 1 meter in a self-contained 1'x1' unit. Carefully selected LEDs are put through multiple tests and evaluations to ensure perfect color balance and diode matching. This offers an absolute pure color consistency between LEDs, and a clean calibrated color from tungsten to daylight (3200K - 5600K).

F&V have also introduced an all-new Milk-White Diffusion Filter with our K4000, a dense diffusion filter that creates a true soft-box effect. The filter itself sits 5 cm in front of the light, held in place by four support rods. With the filter being offset from the face of the light, it allows the diffusion filter to be illuminated evenly, and creating a proper single light source. Not only does this offer an ultra-soft light but creates just a single shadow. Unlike most 1'x1' panels with open face LED sources which have the tendency for each diode to create cross-angled shadows, the Milk-White Diffusion Filter eliminates this problem, giving you an ultra-soft bright light source.

F&Vhas expanded their unique SmartSync Control Circuit (SCC) to our Studio Panels, allowing multiple K4000S Studio Panels to be linked in series. With the optional SCC linking module, link unit together with standard CAT5 cables, or a standard DMX 512 module. When the lights are linked together, the SCC allows you to control light intensity and color temperature of all panels within the series from a single variable dimmer controller or similarly through a DMX board. The SmartSync Control Circuit offers 4 independent channels for linking light groups together.


  • • Perfect for professionals looking to gain complete control over their studio lighting rigs, the K4000S Bi-Color Panel offers exceptional light quality at an affordable price. With the optional SCC module, the K4000S can help simplify and unify your lighting systems.    
  • • 400 Pure Color LEDs Daylight Balanced (5600K)
  • • NEW Milk-White Diffusion Filter
  • • NEW SmartSync Control Circuit (Optional)
  • • Variable Dimmer (0-100%)
  • • Efficient Power Consumption
  • • Wide Range of Operating Voltages
  • • Power with V-mount Battery or AC Adapter
  • • Heat Free LED Technology

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Description Quantity
K4000S Light x 2
Mains Lead
Hireacamera USB Drive (Containing condition photographs)
Stand Mount with Thumb Screw
Supporting Frame with 2 Point Hand Wheels and Rubber Washer
V-mount AC Adaptor
Diffuser Mounting Pin
iM2750 Flight Case
Arri Light Stand x 2
Manfrotto Tripod Carry Bag
Bubblewrap (please re-use on return)