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Zeiss Loxia 2.4/25 (Sony E Mount)

The ZEISS Loxia 2.4/25 offers ultimate flexibility for travel & landscape photography, designed for full-frame Sony E-mount cameras.

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ZEISS Loxia 2.4/25 - Flexibility for Photography On-the-Go


Small, robust and versatile: the lenses in the ZEISS Loxia family for mirrorless cameras in the Sony Alpha series are particularly well-suited for street and travel photographers. Ideal for those who love being inconspicuous as they capture those special moments - whether in a bustling city or surrounded by the natural world, - without the need to carry around lots of equipment. The compact design of the ZEISS Loxia lenses has been specially developed for the mirrorless full-frame Sony E-mount cameras. Used in tandem, the lens and camera enable filmmakers and photographers to achieve a high-quality result, while the equipment's modest dimensions ensure users always have whatever they need with them.

Bringing creativity to life through precise, manual focusing

The electronic interface for the ZEISS Loxia 2.4/25 transfers both lens data and focus movements to the Sony camera and then activates the focus peaking or the zoom function. Demanding photographers can achieve a wide range of creative possibilities thanks to precise, manual focusing, including a retro look and feel. Precise and sophisticated - the ZEISS Loxia lens family gives users a large number of creative possibilities when taking photographs or filming, thanks to its technical refinement, linking traditional photography with modern technology.

A strong all-rounder for both photography and videography

The ZEISS Loxia family comprises five lenses with focal lengths between 21 and 85 millimetres. The lenses with manual focusing are all compact, durable and do not draw too much attention. With these lightweight companions, photographers and filmmakers have the necessary equipment and flexibility they need while on the road. The ZEISS Loxia lenses have the same diameter and enable users to quickly and easily switch between different focal lengths during a shoot. The lenses offer the optimum foundation for capturing photographs and film, both individually and as a set. These strong all-round talents excel at a wide range of uses.


Description Quantity
iM2075 Flight Case
Back Cap
Return Cable Ties
Return Courier Bag
Hireacamera USB Drive (Containing condition photographs)
52mm UV Filter
52mm Lens cap
2.4/25 Lens hood