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Nikon Z 7 with FTZ Adaptor Hire

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Our thoughts

'Nikon kick-started its Z-series with the Z 7 – a camera we regard as a high-resolution mirrorless marvel. To make a camera as special as the Z 7 at the first time of trying is a credit to Nikon and users will be gob smacked by the fine detail and outstanding noise response that’s resolved by its 45.7MP CMOS sensor. Its rigid body withstands the severity of professional use, it boasts extensive weather sealing, positions its buttons across the body extremely well for intuitive control and offers a handling experience as good as any full-frame mirrorless camera we’ve used. It’s surpassed only by the Z 7 II.'  



The details

Evolution never ends for high-pixel-count cameras. Featuring 45.7 effective megapixels in a compact body, the Z 7 — Nikon's brand new, FX-format mirrorless camera — fully exploits the unprecedented optical performance offered by the new NIKKOR Z lenses and delivers overwhelming edge-to-edge detail in both stills and videos. In addition, its wide, 493-point hybrid AF system with superb focusing accuracy and the new EXPEED 6 image-processing engine contribute to achieving sharper images than ever. The 3690k-dot Quad-VGA electronic viewfinder provides a clear view and an amazingly comfortable shooting experience, thanks to Nikon's advanced optics and imaging expertise. And with 10-bit N-Log as well as 4K UHD and 8K time-lapse* movie, it meets the needs of demanding video creators too. Condensing all of this power into a compact yet robust body, the Z 7 promises to take you to a new world of truly amazing images.

* 8K time-lapse movie production requires third-party software.



The wide 55 mm mount diameter means your Z series camera takes in more light. Just 16 mm between the mount and the camera’s full-frame image sensor means more of that light reaches the sensor.

Incredible detail. Phenomenal focus.

The back-illuminated 45.7 MP full-frame CMOS sensor with focal-plane phase-detection AF captures razor-sharp images.

Beyond fast

The blazing EXPEED 6 image processor delivers images with low noise and stunning dynamic range at both high and low ISO values.

Create widely

Stay sharp with ultra-wide autofocus (AF) coverage across 90 % of the frame. Combined with the incredible focusing power of Nikon Z mount lenses, even Subjects at the edge of the frame are easily detected.

Focus freely

The AF system spots movement instantly. Even small or fast-moving subjects are tracked with absolute precision in any light. And you can use Pinpoint AF mode to hone in on the smallest details.

Inside the light

Exposure metering down to -4 EV is available when shooting with a lens that has a maximum aperture of f/2 or faster.

Capture that expression

An intelligent Face-Detection-AF processor detects and holds faces, even when the subject briefly looks away.

Open to every setting: ISO 64–25600

Whether it’s stills or 4K movies, image quality is exceptionally clean across the ultra-wide light-sensitivity range. You can capture rich tonal definition under the brightest sunlight. And benefit from the highest possible detail in the lowest light.

Rock-steady Vibration Reduction

In-camera five-axis optical Vibration Reduction (VR) compensates for camera shake in five directions. Stills stay sharp. Video is steady.
Sport Mode delivers a stable viewfinder image when shooting exceptionally fast action, or when panning. When shooting video, the five-axis optical VR works with electronic VR to deliver incredibly steady footage.
Keep pace with the action, and the light. The in-camera five-axis optical VR lets you shoot up to five stops slower than otherwise possible.

Mesmerising action

Record full-frame 4K/UHD movies at 30p. Achieve enthralling slow motion with richly detailed Full HD movies at up to 120p. You can easily capture still frames while filming in 4K or Full HD.

High resolution

Oversampling from 8K enables 4K footage with spectacular fineness and detail. The fast EXPEED 6 processor ensures beautifully clean files, remarkably free of noise, moiré, and false colour.

Beautiful control

Bright Nikon Z mount lenses offer silent autofocus and exquisite bokeh. And you can get an assist from in-camera focus peaking as you manually rack focus through a scene.

Stable motion

AF speed and AF tracking sensitivity can be set during movie recording. The incredible focusing power of Nikon Z mount lenses reduces the unwanted effects of focus breathing, and focus shift when zooming.


Create character. Record at a high 10-bit depth and retrieve 4x more information than with a standard 8-bit recording, giving you maximum image quality for editing and grading. Activate View Assist to see a standard image with simple grading compensation.

Timecode output

Stay in tune. Record timecode in drop-frame or non-drop-frame formats, and output via 10-bit HDMI (mini). The Z 7 is Atomos Open Protocol compatible: you can sync the start/stop of HDMI movie recording via your external recorder. Or via the camera.

Active D-Lighting

Balance the light. In-camera Active D-Lighting balances lights and shadows in high-contrast scenes. Perfect for footage that needs to be ready to go as soon as you're wrapped.

4K and 8K time-lapse with smooth exposure transitions

You can create 4K/UHD time-lapse sequences in-camera. And the sensor’s 45.7 effective megapixels let you create jaw-dropping 8K time-lapse movies in post, using stills captured during interval timer shooting.

Straight to camera

Nikon’s advanced 3686k-dot electronic view finder keeps the view clear. The ultra-bright, ultra-sharp EVF doesn’t leave anything out of the frame. Aspherical glass elements and protective coatings prevent flare, reflections, and dirt from limiting your view. Benefit from high visibility at night, and clear views in bright light. The large, clear OLED EVF reproduces colours naturally and handles motion smoothly. Sharp, stable images make composition comfortable—even if you’re panning quickly or have zoomed in to confirm focus. The EVF can display images as they’ll look with settings applied—or you can go with a natural image, similar to that of an optical viewfinder. You can overlay key shooting information to aid composition in either view.

Connect to a smart device

Use the built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® to quickly connect to any smart device with SnapBridge. Instantly share JPEGs. Shoot stills and video remotely.

Connect to a computer

Wirelessly transfer JPEG and RAW images smoothly in Station mode or Access Point mode. Use the optional WT-7A wireless transmitter for wired/wireless LAN over greater distances.

Picture control

Nikon’s in-camera Picture Control system offers a range of preset options and you can create custom controls for specific subjects and scenes. Easily define parameters such as sharpness, saturation, and hue whether you’re shooting stills or video.

FTZ adapter: for using Nikon F mount lenses on Nikon mirrorless cameras.

The Mount Adapter FTZ allows long-time Nikon users to continue utilizing their existing NIKKOR F lenses seamlessly with the new system.

Image quality equivalent to using the Nikon mirrorless camera system is ensured, maximizing the optical performance of each NIKKOR F lens.

Shooting with AE is enabled with a total of approx. 360 types of NIKKOR F lens from AI type onwards, while shooting with AF/AE is available with 93 types of AF-P/AF-S/AF-I lenses.

Effective sealing assures dust- and drip-resistant performance equivalent to that of NIKKOR F lenses.

Firmware version 2.0 primary features

1. Eye-Detection autofocus (AF) in stills mode

The new Eye-Detection AF function automatically detects and focuses on human eyes in the auto-area AF (AF-S, AF-C) mode. When the eyes of multiple people are detected, the multi-selector or sub-selector can be used to select which eye the camera focuses on, even when looking through the Electric View Finder. Once the photo is taken, the user can easily verify that the image is in focus by pressing the ‘OK’ button to zoom in on the eye that was the intended focus target.

2. Extended low-light AF detection range

The new firmware enables even faster autofocus when recording dark or dimly lit scenes, with both still-image photography and movie recording. It extends the AF detection range from −1 EV to −2 EV on the Z 7, and from −2 EV to −3.5 EV on the Z 6. When the Z 6’s low-light AF function is enabled, the available low-light AF detection range will be extended from −4 EV to −6 EV, so it will be able to autofocus with even darker conditions.

3. Auto-exposure (AE) tracking in continuous high-speed (extended) mode

Previously, exposure was locked with the first shot in a burst of high-speed continuous shooting. Firmware version 2.0, however, adds support for AE tracking in continuous high-speed (extended) mode, allowing the cameras to track exposure just as it does focus (AF tracking). This ensures that all images captured with a burst of high-speed continuous shooting are not only in focus, but also exhibit optimal exposure, even when the brightness of the scene changes during the burst.

Live Availability


Description Quantity
Mains Lead
MH-25a Battery Charger
XQD Card Reader with USB Cable
iM2200 Black Flight Case
XQD-64A 64GB XQD G Series Memory Card (in camera)
Rubber Port Cover (attached)
FTZ Adaptor
Nikon F Mount Body Cap (attached to adaptor)
Z Neck Strap
UC-E24 USB Cable
EH-7P AC Adapter (with UK plug)
Cable Protector (in 2 parts)
Z Mount Body Cap (attached to Camera)
Strap Clip (attached to Camera)
DK-29 Eye Piece
Nikkor Z Mount Back Cap
EN-EL15 Li-ion Battery


All packages containing this product are detailed below.
  • Nikon - Z 7 Shinobi Package
    Nikon Z7 filmmaking package
    Nikon - Z 7 Shinobi Package

    The Z 7 Shinobi Package includes Atomos Shinobi monitor (not a recorder), FTZ adapter for use with Nikon F lenses, masses of memory & more, see below for details.

    Kit includes: Sony XQD-128A 128GB XQD G Series Spare Memory Card, Nikon EN-EL15 Battery Pack, Nikon Z 7 with FTZ Adaptor, Hedbox RP-NPF770 (Sony NP-F) Battery Pack, Hedbox RP-DC40 Battery Charger (Sony NP-F type), Atomos Pro Mini to Full HDMI Cable, Shape Revolt 2 Axis Push Button Magic Arm with Hot Shoe, Atomos Shinobi HDMI Only
  • Nikon - Z 7 Ultra Package
    Nikon - Z 7 Ultra Package

    The Sony Z 7 Ultra Package includes Atomos Ninja V monitor / recorder, FTZ adapter for use with Nikon F lenses, masses of memory & more, see below for details.

    Kit includes: Sony XQD-128A 128GB XQD G Series Spare Memory Card, Nikon EN-EL15 Battery Pack, Atomos Ninja V, Nikon Z 7 with FTZ Adaptor, Atomos Pro Mini to Full HDMI Cable, Shape HDMI lock & top plate kit for Atomos Ninja V
  • Nikon - Z 7 Gimbal Package
    Nikon - Z 7 Gimbal Package

    The Nikon Z 7 Gimbal Package includes the DJI Ronin S gimbal, FTZ Adapter for use with F mount lenses lenses, masses of memory and more. See below for details.

    Kit includes: Sony XQD-128A 128GB XQD G Series Spare Memory Card, Nikon EN-EL15 Battery Pack, DJI Ronin-S, Nikon Z 7 with FTZ Adaptor
  • Nikon - Z 7 Shooters Package
    Nikon - Z 7 Shooters Package

    The Nikon Z 7 Shooters Package is an ideal kit for shooting weddings & events, consisting of the NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8, NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 and Nikon Z 24-70mm f/4 S NIKKOR lenses, the SB-900 flashgun, spare memory, extra power and more. See below for details.

    Kit includes: Nikon SB900 Flashgun, Sony XQD-128A 128GB XQD G Series Spare Memory Card, Nikon EN-EL15 Battery Pack, Nikon Z 35mm f/1.8 S NIKKOR, Nikon Z 7 with FTZ Adaptor, Nikon Z 50mm f/1.8 S NIKKOR, Nikon Z 24-70mm f/4 S NIKKOR