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Nikon Z 6 with FTZ Adapter Hire

For all your creative desires — the Nikon Z6 is a multifunctional FX-format mirrorless camera with excellent high-sensitivity performance and video features. Full-frame Z mount with FX/DX adapter.

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Includes the FTZ adapter, allowing Nikon FX and DX lenses to be used.

Attaching a DX (cropped) lens will automatically switch the camera to DX mode, a DX symbol will appear in the viewfinder and the available field of view will be scaled up to cover the whole viewfinder. PLEASE NOTE: As a smaller portion of the sensor is being used, the resolution is correspondingly reduced, therefore, we would not recommend using DX lenses with the Z 6.

Designed with a compact body, while providing superior high-sensitivity performance and outstanding video features, the Z 6 — featuring 24.5 effective megapixels — is ready to excel in a broad range of shooting scenarios. Taking advantage of the new EXPEED 6 image-processing engine, it achieves a standard sensitivity range of ISO 100-51200, reducing noise effectively even at the higher end while maintaining resolution. Continuous shooting at up to approx. 12 fps is also available. Professional and amateur filmmakers alike will appreciate the camera's wide array of movie functions, including full-pixel readout full-frame 4K UHD, Full HD 100/120p and 10-bit N-Log. The Z 6 offers all this in a streamlined system with the same level of reliability as Nikon D-SLRs, and the superior optical performance of NIKKOR Z lenses.


Nikon FX-format, backside illumination CMOS sensor featuring 24.5 effective megapixels and focal-plane phase-detection AF pixels, while achieving ISO 100-51200
EXPEED 6 provides sharper stills and videos, while effectively reducing noise
Picture Control System featuring mid-range sharpening parameter and 20 additional Creative Picture Control options
273-point*1 hybrid AF system offering accurate focus across 90% of the frame
Approx. 3690k-dot Quad-VGA EVF with Nikon's superior optical and image-processing technology, providing a clear and comfortable view
Up to approx. 12 fps*2 makes it possible to capture fleeting moments
Sharp, beautiful full-frame 4K UHD/30p with full-pixel readout
N-Log utilizes the extensive color depth range in 10-bit HDMI output, recording richer gradation information for more effective color grading
Image sensor shift, in-camera VR that achieves an effect equivalent to a shutter speed up to approx. 5.0 stops*3 faster, compensating vibration in five directions

*1 In FX format with single-point AF.

*2 When using 12-bit RAW, JPEG or TIFF in high-speed continuous shooting (extended). AE is fixed at the first frame.

*3 Based on CIPA Standards. This value is achieved when NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S is attached, with zoom set at the maximum telephoto position.

FTZ adapter: for using Nikon F mount lenses on Nikon mirrorless cameras.

The Mount Adapter FTZ allows long-time Nikon users to continue utilizing their existing NIKKOR F lenses seamlessly with the new system.

Image quality equivalent to using the Nikon mirrorless camera system is ensured, maximizing the optical performance of each NIKKOR F lens.

Shooting with AE is enabled with a total of approx. 360 types of NIKKOR F lens from AI type onwards, while shooting with AF/AE is available with 93 types of AF-P/AF-S/AF-I lenses.

Effective sealing assures dust- and drip-resistant performance equivalent to that of NIKKOR F lenses.

Firmware version 2.0 primary features

1. Eye-Detection autofocus (AF) in stills mode

The new Eye-Detection AF function automatically detects and focuses on human eyes in the auto-area AF (AF-S, AF-C) mode. When the eyes of multiple people are detected, the multi-selector or sub-selector can be used to select which eye the camera focuses on, even when looking through the Electric View Finder. Once the photo is taken, the user can easily verify that the image is in focus by pressing the ‘OK’ button to zoom in on the eye that was the intended focus target.

2. Extended low-light AF detection range

The new firmware enables even faster autofocus when recording dark or dimly lit scenes, with both still-image photography and movie recording. It extends the AF detection range from −1 EV to −2 EV on the Z 7, and from −2 EV to −3.5 EV on the Z 6. When the Z 6’s low-light AF function is enabled, the available low-light AF detection range will be extended from −4 EV to −6 EV, so it will be able to autofocus with even darker conditions.

3. Auto-exposure (AE) tracking in continuous high-speed (extended) mode

Previously, exposure was locked with the first shot in a burst of high-speed continuous shooting. Firmware version 2.0, however, adds support for AE tracking in continuous high-speed (extended) mode, allowing the cameras to track exposure just as it does focus (AF tracking). This ensures that all images captured with a burst of high-speed continuous shooting are not only in focus, but also exhibit optimal exposure, even when the brightness of the scene changes during the burst.

Please note that this camera records 4K UHD, not Cinema 4K / DCI. For more information about what this means, please click HERE.

Live Availability


Description Quantity
USB cable
Mains Lead
Body cap
MH-25a Battery Charger
Back Cap
iM2200 Black Flight Case
Return Bag + Cable Ties
Hireacamera USB Drive (Containing Manual)
XQD-64A 64GB XQD G Series Memory Card (in camera)
Sony MRW-E80/E90 Card Reader with black USB lead
Rubber Port Cover (attached)
FTZ Adaptor
Z Neck Strap
Cable Protector (in 2 parts)
DK-29 Eye Piece
Camera body
Metal Strap Clips with Plastic Cover (attached to camera)
EN-EL15 Li-ion Battery


All packages containing this product are detailed below.
  • Nikon - Z 6 Shooters Package
    Nikon Z6 Pro Shooters Package
    Nikon - Z 6 Shooters Package

    An ideal kit for shooting weddings & events, consisting of the NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8, and Nikon Z 24-70mm f/4 S NIKKOR lenses, the SB-900 flashgun, spare memory, extra power and more. See below for details.

    Kit includes: Nikon SB900 Flashgun, Sony XQD-128A 128GB XQD G Series Spare Memory Card, Nikon EN-EL15 Battery Pack, Nikon Z 35mm f/1.8 S NIKKOR, Nikon Z 6 with FTZ Adapter, Nikon Z 24-70mm f/4 S NIKKOR
  • Nikon - Z 6 Gimbal Package
    Nikon Z6 gimbal package hire
    Nikon - Z 6 Gimbal Package

    Includes DJI Ronin S gimbal, FTZ Adapter for use with F mount lenses lenses, masses of memory and more. See below for details.

    Kit includes: Sony XQD-128A 128GB XQD G Series Spare Memory Card, Nikon EN-EL15 Battery Pack, DJI Ronin-S, Nikon Z 6 with FTZ Adapter
  • Nikon - Z 6 Ultra Package
    Nikon video package hire
    Nikon - Z 6 Ultra Package

    Includes Atomos Ninja V monitor / recorder, FTZ adapter for use with Nikon F lenses, masses of memory & more, see below for details.

    Kit includes: Sony XQD-128A 128GB XQD G Series Spare Memory Card, Nikon EN-EL15 Battery Pack, Atomos Ninja V, Nikon Z 6 with FTZ Adapter, Atomos Pro Mini to Full HDMI Cable, Shape HDMI lock & top plate kit for Atomos Ninja V
  • Nikon - Z 6 Shinobi Package
    Nikon Z6 filmmaking package
    Nikon - Z 6 Shinobi Package

    Includes Atomos Shinobi monitor (not a recorder), FTZ adapter for use with Nikon F lenses, masses of memory & more, see below for details.

    Kit includes: Sony XQD-128A 128GB XQD G Series Spare Memory Card, Nikon EN-EL15 Battery Pack, Nikon Z 6 with FTZ Adapter, Hedbox RP-NPF770 (Sony NP-F) Battery Pack, Hedbox RP-DC40 (Sony NP-F) Battery Charger, Atomos Pro Mini to Full HDMI Cable, Shape Revolt 2 Axis Push Button Magic Arm with Hot Shoe, Atomos Shinobi HDMI Only