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M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm 1:2.0 Olympus 20 2022-06-17
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Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm 1:2.0

The Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm 1:2.0 renders razor‑sharp images at any time.

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Packed in a high‑grade, sleek metal body, this compact lens is ideal for taking enviable wide‑angle photos in low‑light conditions. It not only provides a snapshot mechanism, activated simply by pulling the focusing ring back, with distance and depth of field indicators – it also delivers sophisticated image quality paired with a maximum aperture of 1:2.0. The ZERO (ZUIKO Extra‑low Reflection Optical) coating halves distracting and unwanted reflections compared to conventional coating.

Key features:

Easy scene photography

Shoot perfect photos even in locations where a tripod cannot be used thanks to this lens’s wide focal length of 12mm (24mm, 35mm-equivalent). And its large aperture of 1:2.0 lets you capture the moment even in dimly lit conditions without a flash.

Robust metal housing

With this masterpiece of craftsmanship, you know you have a high-end, well-designed precision instrument which can be used and appreciated for years to come. Its pleasing premium-quality metal finish perfectly matches the sophisticated design of the OM-D or PEN series.

Fast Focus Switch

Easily set your lens’s parameters at one go by sliding and rotating the Fast Focus Clutch. With this mechanism, you get quick pan-focus shooting in which both your subject and the background are in focus – making for fun, trouble-free shooting. It has a snap ring that enables photographers to manually pan focus with a distance indicator. The Movie-Still-Compatible (MSC) mechanism utilizes nearly "silent" focusing technology.

Filter size: 46mm



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Back Cap1
46mm Lens Cap1
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