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Olympus FC-WR Wireless Commander Hire

Connect unlimited flash units.
Buttons for quick configuration.
Dust/splash/freezeproof design.

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The FC‑WR can control multiple flash units remotely from the camera, enabling versatile wireless flash photography. As is the case with the FL‑700WR flash, a dust‑, splash‑, and freezeproof (‑10°C) construction allows use in a variety of fields. The commander can connect to three groups and an unlimited number of flash units. The FC‑WR has independent buttons for group A, B, and C, making it possible to quickly configure settings for each group as well as adjusting the shooting mode and flash intensity while looking at the monitor.Groups and channels can easily be set and checked with dials on the FC‑WR.


Enabled for wireless Commander Mode

Connect unlimited flash units, in up to 3 groups

Quick configuration via independent buttons

Wireless Commander to control multiple flash units remotely from the camera

Enables versatile wireless flash photography

Dust, splash & freezeproof

Compact and lightweight design

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