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Nikon Z 6 II With FTZ Adapter Hire

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Nikon Z 6II Product Tour


Our thoughts

'The Z6 II takes Nikon’s sensational 24MP full-frame all-rounder to the next level. It introduces the updates photographers and videographers had been hoping for, namely a second card slot to enable crucial back up while shooting, 4K/60p video recording (available in February 2021 via a firmware update) and support of a dedicated battery grip (MB-N11) that replicates controls in the portrait format and accepts two batteries to enhance stamina. Face and eye tracking is made available during video recording and by incorporating not one but two Expeed 6 processors, it can shoot 125 raw files or 200 JPEGs at up to 14fps, which is 2fps faster than the original Z 6’.  



The details

Your craft, your passion

Let nothing stand between you and the uncompromising execution of your vision. From the small details that tell big stories, to expansive views portrayed in elaborate detail. From intricate portraits to cinematic action. Create freely, knowing you’ll see every detail and catch all you see.

Maximum speed and reliability

Dual card slots let you use UHS-II SD cards in one slot and XQD or ultra-fast CFexpress cards in the other. Configure the camera to use the cards for overflow or backup—or separate RAW files from JPEGs and stills from video.

Ultra-wide, tack-sharp AF

The sensitive Hybrid AF system delivers wide, pin-sharp coverage and the camera returns to your selected focus point when it wakes from standby. Exposure metering down to -4 EV is available when shooting with an f/2 (or faster) lens.

Shoot faster for longer—in silence

Shooting speeds of up to 10 fps allow immense flexibility, while the deeper buffer and dual card slots let you keep shooting without interruption. Catch up to 200 full-res JPEGs, or 77 12-bit uncompressed RAW images, in one burst.

Stunning dynamic range

Textures, patterns, colours. The Z 7II delivers incredible dynamic range at both high and low ISO values. Tonal gradations are exceptionally smooth and skin tones are reproduced with stunning accuracy. The ability to shoot video at resolutions up to 4K/60p lets you portray dynamic scenes in mesmerising detail.

Precise tracking

Even small subjects can be tracked with precision. You can toggle tracking on and off via the shutter release or assign tracking to a camera or lens Fn button.

People and animals

Eye-Detection AF locks on to people’s eyes. Animal-Detection AF does the same for cats and dogs. Reliably focus on your subject’s eyes whether shooting stills or video.

The Nikon Z advantage

Nikon Z is the most advanced optical system Nikon has ever developed. The ultra-wide Z mount, coupled with an ever-expanding range of extraordinary NIKKOR Z lenses, lets you create with light like never before. Every lens, any aperture. Bright is brighter. Depth is deeper. Sharpness is sharper.

A viewfinder that keeps up

The high-definition 3690k-dot electronic viewfinder (EVF) gives you a smooth, uninterrupted view even when shooting at high speed. The high refresh rate greatly reduces blackout, so you’ll never lose sight of what’s in front of you.

Displays that adapt to you

Customisable info displays let you quickly adjust settings, or you can choose to disable the info display completely when shooting stills. If you flip out the monitor to shoot in Live View, the EVF automatically turns off to save power.

Maximum sharpness at small apertures

Creating images with deep depth of field? The Z 7II counters the diffraction that can occur when you stop down a lens. From landscapes to cityscapes, you can shoot at smaller apertures without worrying about loss of definition.

Tough doesn’t begin to describe it

Rough terrain, harsh weather conditions, or on-set fog machines—the Z 7II doesn’t flinch. This mirrorless camera is forged from super-strong yet lightweight magnesium alloy and fully sealed against dust, dirt, and moisture. Go wherever your ideas take you and shoot comfortably when you get there.

More shots per charge

The Z 7II works in the most power‑efficient way possible and its new battery gives you more shots per charge. There’s also a power-saving mode for when you need it.

Power on

For long shoots, you can provide constant power to your camera (and even charge the battery) via a USB Type-C cable (not included). Ideal if you’re shooting timelapse sequences.

Live Availability


Description Quantity
USB cable
All-in-One USB 3.0 Card Reader
Mains Lead
Body cap
MH-25a Battery Charger
Back Cap
Hireacamera USB Drive (Containing Manual)
iM2100 Flight Case
64gb SDXC 300mb/s U3 V90 Memory Card (in camera)
Rubber Port Cover (attached)
FTZ Adaptor
Z Neck Strap
Z Mount Body Cap (attached to Camera)
DK-29 Eye Piece
Metal Strap Clips with Plastic Cover (attached to camera)
HDMI/USB Cable Clip (with cable clamp attached)
EN-EL15C Battery