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Hire Tiffen 82mm Location Exterior Kit 1 for 82, 77 & 72mm lenses

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In Location Exterior Kit 1 are four primary filters that are a must-have when you go outside to shoot. As light changes any one taking photographs or shooting video will need to have control over the available light that a given environment offers them.

Description Quantity
77mm - 82mm step-up ring1
82mm Low Light polariser filter1
82mm Circular Polariser Filter1
  -  Filter Case1
82mm Neutral Density 0.6 Filter1
  -  Black Filter Pouch1
  -  82mm Neutral Density 0.61
82mm Neutral Density 1.2 Filter1
  -  82mm Neutral Density 1.2 Filter1
  -  Filter Box1
72mm - 82mm Step-Up Ring1
Filter Pouch1
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