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Hire Tiffen 72mm White Wedding Kit for 72, 67 & 58mm lenses

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As the title suggests the White Wedding Kit is a kit designed to accentuate the dreamy fairy tale look of washed out glamorous wedding imagery. Both of the filters in this kit will reduce contrast and blow hi-lights by adding halation to them. This kit can also be used for other photographs or sequences that require a lower contrast diffused look to enhance the impact of the image and take of a harsh edge to the image that the scattering of light brings.

The two filter types in this kit that offer the above results are ProMist and GlimmerGlass. The ProMists offer a much stronger effect at blowing hi-lights, whilst the GlimmerGlass offer their peculiar sparkle with a reduced quality of halation. 

Description Quantity
62mm - 72mm step-up ring1
72mm Glimmer Glass 3 Filter1
58mm - 72mm Step-Up Ring1
67mm - 72mm Step-Up Ring1
72mm Black Pro-Mist 1/8 Filter1
72mm Black Pro-Mist 1/2 Filter1
72mm Glimmer Glass 1 Filter1
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