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Hire Zacuto VCT Universal Baseplate

Zacuto Photographic Baseplate Hire. Rent the VCT Universal plate for cameras without heavy recording weight to the rear.

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The VCT Universal baseplate echoes a traditional ENG style camera with a modern twist. VCT worked well for ENG cameras but modern cameras are lighter and shorter, without a heavy tape recorder or film magazine on the back. Zacuto designers set out to create a plate that merged the stability and ease of a classic VCT with contemporary cameras and rigs.

With lenses and cameras being similar weights, the balance point is where the lens meets the camera body, which is perfect for a VCT style baseplate that places your camera virtually behind you. Balanced and universal—this is the last baseplate you’ll ever need.

VCT Universal based rigs are all about finding the perfect balance for your camera. Our unique, lightweight, adjustable rod mount is set far back in the plate, offering plenty of accessory-capable area under the camera lens. This allows you to position your camera further back on the plate, keeping the balance point of your rig directly over your shoulder.

The shoulder pad portion of the VCT Universal is set as far forward on the plate as possible to maximize your accessory capable rod area and aid with balance. The VCT Universal Baseplate is the core of our Next Generation Recoil kits, designed for balance and comfort for every camera.

Description Quantity
Allen Key2
Small Red Thumb Screw / Small Red Thumbs Screw x 22
Silver Tripod Plate Threads2
6.5" Rods2
Zacuto Universal Baseplate Instructions1
Mounting screw 1/41
Mounting screw 3/81
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