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Hire Blackmagic URSA Mini Shoulder Kit

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The Blackmagic URSA Mini Shoulder Kit adds a quick release tripod mount, shoulder pad, two front rosettes and rail mounts so you can quickly latch the camera into a tripod or instantly unlatch and move it onto your shoulder for handheld shooting. Designed to be comfortable and well balanced while sitting on your shoulder, the shoulder mount makes the URSA Mini perfect for roaming, ENG style shoots.

Description Quantity
Allen Key2
iM2306 Black Flight Case1
Lanc Extension Cable1
USB Drive (Containing Manual)1
Shoulder mount unit with 2 thumb screws1
Top handle with Ursa viewfinder adaptor plate (and four connecting screws)1
Side handle ext arm with thumb screw1
1/4 thumb screw (attached to top handle unit)1
1/4 socket head screws (in plastic bag)2
Silver slotted mounting screws (in plastic bag)2
URSA Mini Viewfinder Cap (Rubber)1
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