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Hire DZOFILM Catta FF Zoom Bundle 35-80/70-135 T2.9 – E Mount

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Lightweight Design
Lighter than ever, the 35-80mm T/2.9 weighs only 1.53kg, and the 70-135mm T/2.9 weighs less than 1.6kg. To achieve such low weights, DZOFILM has used polycarbonate and glass fibre to create the shell. These cinema zoom lenses are a great choice for live shows, documentaries, vehicle mounting and run-and-gun operations, as well as in independent cinema projects. This is largely due to its precise parfocal design and easy application with gimbals such as the Ronin S2 and Crane 3s. As a result, these lenses are perfect for applications involving rapid movement.

Round Bokeh and Fine Details
The aperture is constructed with a diaphragm of 16 blades ranging from T/2.9-T/22. As a result, the Catta lenses produce round and smooth bokeh with a natural transition between the foreground and background of the frame. The incredibly close focal distance enables users to shoot clear details and characteristics of a subject.

Authentic Colour Reproduction
The Catta zooms are inspired by the design philosophy of a natural, original, and real look – these lenses reproduce the real world onto a full frame sensor. By rendering realistic imagery, the post-production process is enhanced in favour of creativity, rather than correction.

Better Breathing Control Than Ever
Staying consistent, the latest addition to the DZOfilm family offers minimal breathing. With the Catta range, you’ll notice a far better performance when racking focus as the breathing has been rendered invisible. Take your focus off the focus and prioritise composition when shooting, as the edge of frame remains consistent.

Aesthetically Designed with Industry Standards in Mind
The specifications and craftmanship of these lenses are completely based on the unified standards of cinema-grade lenses. The manual focus range of 270º gives users a precise operating experience with a smooth glide.

Description Quantity
0.1 Shim (in metal Shims case)4
0.05 Shim (in metal Shims case)4
0.02 Shim (in metal shims case)4
0.03 Shim (in metal Shims case)4
Metal Shims Case2
Large Silver Focus/Zoom Rod4
Silver Mount Locking Screw (on lens)2
Tripod Base (in place on lens)2
Screw in Tripod Mount Rod4
Custom Flight Case1
Coin Filter Tray2
E Mount Back Cap2
Front cap2
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