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Samyang XEEN CF Cinema Kit Sony E Mount

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Includes 5 XEEN CF Cinema Lenses: 16mm T2.6, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5 and 85mm T1.5.

XEEN CF Cine Prime lenses are ultra-lightweight, high performance cine prime lenses for full-frame image sensors.

In order to cope with changes in the imaging world where the equipment becomes smaller and lighter, the XEEN CF R&D team started innovation from the basic materials of the lens.

Carbon fibre is widely used in the aviation and automotive industry for its light and robust properties, but it is difficult to mould and therefore has not been utilized in the highly precise optics industry until now.

Researchers selected carbon fibre as the main material to maintain robustness and reduce lens weight. After years of efforts to shape fibres into specific shapes and sizes and graft them into sensitive and fragile glass parts, Samyang has finally made carbon fibre usable for XEEN CF.

By applying its proprietary X-coating technology, this lens effectively controls the reflection of light inside and within the lens itself to create a distinctive look. By properly utilizing flares and ghosting, you can create dramatic effects.

• The use of carbon fibre in the exterior reduces unnecessary weight and enhances rigidity.

• The lightweight bodies can flexibly respond to various shooting environments and capture various images including weight-sensitive equipment such as gimbals.

• With its outstanding resolution that supports 8K and its unique X-Coating Technology, it expresses the subject in full detail.

• The bright apertures deliver beautiful bokeh, shallow depth of field and excellent low light performance.

• Winning the German iF Design Award for its ease of use, XEEN CF is well-received for its futuristic design.

Description Quantity
Tripod Foot (with 2 securing screws)5
Xeen E Mount Back Cap5
Xeen CF 95mm Front Cap5
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