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Zeiss DTI 4/50

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• Focal length: 50mm
• Aperture: f/1.0
• Field of view at 100m (109.3yds): 15m (49ft)       
• Objective viewing angle: 9° x 7°
• Range: 2635m (2882yd)
• Sensor resolution: 640 x 512            
• Optical magnification: 2.9x
• Maximum digital zoom: 4x
• Internal memory: 32GB
• Operating temperature: −10°C | +50°C (+14 °F | +122°F)
• Length x width x height: 206 x 60 x 65 mm (8.1 x 2.4 x 2.6")
• Weight: 470 g (1.04 lbs)

For Consistent Optimal Performance. Large Field of View for More Detail
Nature never sleeps. And the passion for observing it doesn’t rest either. Although experienced birders already have a wealth of knowledge, for absolute certainty, the right equipment is crucial. The ZEISS DTI 4 is a thermal imaging camera that always performs at its best. With its compact size, a high-resolution 640 × 512 sensor and ZSIP technology, it delivers high-contrast, detailed image quality anywhere – even over long distances.

In rural areas, the range of observation becomes important, the ZEISS DTI 4/50 is the perfect choice thanks to its tremendous detection range. Detect heat sources clearly and with high contrast at distances of up to 2,635 meters and identify even the smallest details in sharp image quality.

High Detail Recognition with 640 x 512 px Sensor
The new 640 x 512 px sensor offers high image resolution for better image quality at all zoom levels, as well as a longer detection range with less noise at the same zoom level compared to a smaller sensor. As a result, it offers more detail detection at greater distances.

Smart Standby for Extended Battery Life
When out in nature, the nearest power source is often far away. You usually need a portable charger to make sure your device doesn’t run out of power – which means extra weight and equipment to keep in mind. With an impressively long battery life of 7 hours, the DTI 4 models will hold enough charge for two to four birding trips. Extend the battery life even further by activating the smart standby function.

Three Observation Modes for Every Situation
Different environmental situations require different device settings. The DTI 4 has three pre-programmed observation modes: universal, detect and fog. Detection mode, for example, highlights heat sources even more while reducing the cold background. This allows you to see animals behind trees and bushes better than before.

Unique Movement Alert
The Movement Alert tracks the hottest heat source in the image and notifies the user when that heat source moves. The LED on the top of the unit will start flashing or optionally the display will turn on. It is thus possible to monitor a large area without holding the camera all the time.

8 Different Colour Modes
ZEISS thermal imaging cameras offer 8 different colour modes, so you can choose the setting that best fits your needs. "Black hot" and "white hot" deliver images with a high level of contrast. When observing in areas with vast vegetation, "red hot" allows for a fast detection of heat sources. The colour mode "rainbow" is ideal for identifying the smallest differences in temperature. In addition, four colour modes have been redesigned to reduce the glare of the screen in a dark environment and reduce eye strain. "Red Hue" mode more easily adjusts your eyes to the darkness. "Dark Hue" is easier on your eyes by using low luminescence colours. "Green Hue" shows plenty of detail at low screen brightness, and "Night Eye" highlights the warmest areas of the thermal image in a pleasant sepia tone.

Movement Alert
The Movement Alert of the ZEISS DTI 3 GEN 2 and DTI 4 notifies you via an inconspicuous LED signal on top of the device or by activating the display when a heat source moves in the image.

High Frame Rate
The ZEISS DTI cameras featuring a display frame rate of 50 Hz. This refers to the number of times per second the monitor can redraw the screen. A higher display frame rate results in decreased flickering of the image, thereby reducing eye strain when using for several hours at a time.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
The picture-in-picture function of the ZEISS DTI allows overlying the zoomed image on the visual image. This feature helps to keep sight of the animal you are observing in zoom mode, even when it makes sudden movements.

Hot Tracking
In 'Hot Tracking' mode, the warmest source in the image is framed with a red square. Finding heat sources in densely overgrown areas and tracking them is therefore easier.

Thanks to the shortcuts available on the DTI 3 GEN 2 and DTI 4, you no longer need to open the menu to access most functions. The pre-programmed button combinations allow you to control numerous settings with just a few clicks, such as taking pictures and videos and switching between individual modes.

Compass Overlay
You can use the compass overlay to determine the direction of the observed bird or get your own bearings. This can be especially helpful for orientation, or if you are out birding in company and want to coordinate your different locations and observations.

Customisable Settings
Nature observation can be a very individual activity. When it comes to thermal imaging cameras, everyone has their own personal preferences. Therefore, the new DTI's now offer the ability to select exactly which colour modes are active and which are not, so you only must click through the ones you want to use. The same applies to the zoom level setting. Now you can limit the maximum zoom level to your liking.

ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras in use

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