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If you’re off on an exciting adventure to capture creatures or critters, you’ll have some very clear priorities when it comes to your kit choices. Keeping the camera weight down might be one, especially if your lenses are going to be long and heavy. Elsewhere resolution will be key, particularly if you’re going to be shooting from a distance. 

For stills, you’ll also want to factor in the speed at which you can shoot – when your subject is on the run, a high frames-per-second capability does even the odds somewhat. If you’re going to be handholding, you may lean towards cameras with in-body image stabilisation, and likewise, autofocus may be key if you’re dealing with subjects that aren’t too interested in posing for you! 

For videographers, speed of autofocus will likely be of huge consideration, along with overall resolution and low light performance. Regardless of whether you’re shooting stills or video, rugged design and weather resistance will also be extremely important, as will your choice of lenses if you’re using an interchangeable system. 

We know how important these decisions are to you, and we’ve done our best to create out all manner of pre-prepared packages to make your life as easy as possible. After all, once you’re out in the field you’ve more important things to focus on! 

Pre-made packages for both stills and video. These are designed to suit all budgets, helping make sure you have everything you could possibly need for your wildlife shoot!