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The new Nikon D4S

Say hello to the new Nikon D4S with 30% more power than the D4. This means more noise reduction and full autofocus and metering at 11 frames per second.

Other improvements have been made - you can read all on our detailed product page and book the camera as we now them in stock!


I really enjoyed the friendly and genuine service over the phone, and the efficient system. As a suggestion it would be nice if microphones came (with the XF100 kit in my case) with a 'dead cat' –? I didn't see that on the accessories list either. Would be happy to pay a couple of pounds more for that as an accessory if need be. My only niggle would be waiting all day (at home, being self-employed) for the pickup courier; it would be good to have a way to determine roughly when the pickup is so I could've left the house before 6pm on the sunniest day of the week! But all in all a good rental experience and I will definitely be using you again.
- Bryce Groves, London

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