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Canon EOS 650D - HDMI explained

Posted on: 6/22/2012 7:03:00 AM under General

We got our hands on the new Canon EOS 650D yesterday and I was keen to see two things - what was the autofocus like and what feed was coming out of the HDMI.  Now I only had twenty minutes before catching a train and battery was just about empty as straight out of the box so it was a quick look.

The autofocus I'll talk about another day as I'm going to do a comparison against some other cameras.  What I do want to address is the HDMI feed as it seems that things are going round the inter web saying it's completely clean.  

First thing I did was put a monitor on it and I could see it was at least outputting a 1080 signal.  It looked something like below -

Okay so nothing very exciting but pressing the info button gave me this -

So that's great isn't it?  Well yes and no.  

Firstly whilst the signal is 1080, it doesn't fill the full frame.  As you will see below, when I crop the actual frame to fill it, we end up with a image of 1619 x 910 pixels so it's not filling full 1920 x 1080 - it actually works out it's only showing about 85% of the picture.  Below is the result.

Second (as this is a biggie), I cannot get the live view to stay on for more than 30 seconds.  Yes you can press buttons to keep the camera going but the minute you do that you get info come up on the screen as below - 

It's frustrating as hell to be honest.  So surely the answer would be to just start recording then you don't have a problem.  Well if you do that, you end up with the good old red dot but you then at least won't have a problem with live view ending.  Below is what you get - 

So if we now crop that down to get rid of the red dot, what do we actually end up with?  We end up with a picture of 1527 by 868 pixels (and of course you have now cropped the picture by 5%).  Have cropped below.

So.  In answer to the question, does the 650D have a clean feed, the answer is you decide.  Whilst the feed is 1080, it doesn't fill the frame totally and you can't hold that for more than 30 seconds without the live view switching off.  Clearly you can't adjust anything whilst you are recording as the information will come up on the screen (unless of course you use a manual iris lens).

Put simply, it's most definitely not like the Nikon's.  Whether you want to work around all the compromises is completely up to you.


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