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IBC Show report

Posted on: 9/10/2011 12:12:00 PM under General
Another September and thus it's time to head off to sunny Amsterdam for the IBC show to see what's new in the world of broadcast and catch up with a few friends.

This year I wasn't expecting any real show-stopping products to be launched but nevertheless there was still work to be done.

On to the Kessler/Zacuto stand first of all.  Had a play with the Basic Controller package to use on our Philip Bloom Pocket Dollies.  Now a number of people had been asking about motorizing these and this seems like a great solution.  

You can read more about it at Philip's blog - a page he was amused to find yesterday on bumping into him that I hadn’t read and therefore know nothing about the product!!  Some people have been asking about us getting an Oracle and we'd decided to hold off until the newer digital control was ready.  Having spoken to Phil yesterday about this, it would seem for ease of use, an Oracle may well be the way to go so we'd be interested to hear from people as to whether they'd want one.

One product we were both keen on (again you can read his thoughts on his blog) was the Canon EF adaptor developed by Mike Tapa at MTF.  

We've been stocking MTF's adaptors for Nikon F mount and are always impressed by the quality of the products and the friendliness and professionalism of MTF.  Mike mentioned a while back that he had an adaptor in development and the ones on display were only prototypes but they worked perfectly.  

On the control box, the dial controls the iris in 1/8th stop increments.  There is a digital display showing the focal length and the iris.  If you've not got a constant aperture lens then you'll see the iris change as you zoom.  We're looking forward to the final version coming out and indeed will be helping MTF by supplying them with a pile of Canon lenses to test it on!  Watch this space!

I then popped over to Polecam.  They have been around for a fair while but up until now their offerings have been outside what we would consider our price range.  

They have however now brought out a pole designed for SLR application which we think could provide the answer to those wanting a jib but not wanting to have pay/deal with the excessive cost and hassle of transport.   I'm off to visit them in the next couple of weeks to try one for myself.  If you'd be interested in us stocking one, please let us know.

Next stop was the Panasonic stand where I quickly found the new Micro 4/3rds mount lenses.  Now you can read elsewhere on the blog about these in more detail but it was good to test the power zoom and see them in action. 

Firstly the 14-42mm is really well packaged - not much bigger than the 14mm pancake lens when off.  I can't really comment on quality but handling wise the zoom has a nice variable function to it to allow smooth zooming on video.  Partnering this was the 45-175mm lens.  Again this had a nice zoom control but also allowed you to adjust the focal length manually by a lens ring.  I also had a chance to see the new 25mm  f1.4 Zeiss lens that Panasonic were also launching - has to be the lightest Zeiss lens I've ever held!  

Panasonic are calling these new lenses their 'X' premium range and to these will be added next year a 12-25mm and 35-100mm.  Firmware updates to maximize their new features are being rolled out for all the compatible bridge cameras - no word yet on the AF101.

It was then time to hit the Atomos stand to look at the Samurai recorder.  We already stock the Ninja which has proved incredibly successful.  The Samurai brings HD-SDi compatibility along with a bigger screen.  

Of even more interest was their HD-SDi/HDMI converter that slots straight into the battery slot on the back of the Ninja and indeed could be used separately as a stand-alone converter.  Expect us to start stocking them around the beginning of 2012.

Lastly it was over to the Sony stand.  We were delighted to help them out with providing lenses to show with the FS100 and it was great to see so much interest in the camera, especially as one of MTF's adaptor was being used to show them off.  I really do believe that once this is available, the FS100's will start flying out the door and we will be offering the camera and adaptor as a standard package for Canon L lens users.

It was great to catch up with the great and good - shame I couldn't stay for a few after show lemonades but maybe next year!


Used you for many years will use you in the future excellent service thanks.
- Gina Noonan, Cheshire

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