NEWS: Livestream with up to 100 megapixels

30 November -1 | Category: Motion

NEWS: Livestream with up to 100 megapixels


FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) will be offering a solution that can turn X Series and GFX System digital cameras into webcams, thus helping to cater for the growing need for web-conferencing products!

“FUJIFILM X Webcam,” software for Windows computers, is being released today (May 27th, 2020). Users will be able to install the software on any PC, and using a USB cable, connect a supported camera to create a web-conferencing environment with much higher image quality. The enhanced quality of Fujifilm’s digital cameras compared to built-in webcams will improve your web conference with help from advanced functions such as the Film Simulation modes, which deliver Fujifilm’s unique colour profiles.


STEP 1: Install FUJIFILM X Webcam Support

Verify that FUJIFILM X Webcam Support is compatible with your Windows PC and chosen Camera. (Windows 10, 64x PC Only, Mac is not yet supported).

The following X Series and GFX cameras are supported:










STEP 2: Camera Set-Up

Set the camera to the settings below BEFORE CONNECTING it to PC. Please note that camera settings cannot be changed while it is connected to a computer. To adjust the camera settings, disconnect it from the computer.

Set the camera to stills mode on the camera Body:

Fujifilm webcam

On the camera body, set drive setting to “S” (single shot):

Fujifilm webcam

In the main menu, navigate to the SET UP sub-menu and select “Connection Setting”:

Fujifilm webcam

Select “(PC) Connection Mode”:

Fujifilm webcam

Set mode to “USB Tether Shooting Auto” or “USB Tether Shooting Fixed” – either setting will work for this application:

Fujifilm webcam

Set exposure on the camera: manual exposure is preferred, with Auto ISO for changing light environments, although other exposure modes, such as Program, Shutter Priority or Aperture Priority, can be used when lighting conditions are inconsistent.

To enable Auto-Focus, in the Main Menu, navigate to the AF/ MF Setting Sub-menu:

Fujifilm webcam

Select “Pre-AF”:

Fujifilm webcam

“Set to “ON”, but do remember to set this to “OFF” when not using the camera as a webcam:

Fujifilm webcam

STEP 3: Using FUJIFILM X Webcam Support

Connect camera directly to your PC with the appropriate USB Cable, but where possible, do not connect through a USB Hub.

Launch a compatible streaming or conference application, these include Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. In the application select “Fujifilm X Webcam” for the preferred camera. Once the camera is selected, video can be shared through the X Series camera by using the compatible conference or streaming application video streaming functionality.


FUJIFILM X Webcam Tutorial