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Gearing up to shoot drifting

3 October 2016 | Category: Blog chat

Gearing up to shoot drifting Given that race cars are fairly solid, fast moving objects, it makes sense that the safest position for a motorsport photographer is behind something even more solid, such as a stretch of armco or a tyre barrier.

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The best kit for shooting a festival or music event

30 June 2016 | Category: Blog chat

Technically, shooting a music event or a festival is one of the most challenging jobs for the professional photographer. Lighting conditions are often difficult as it’s normally very dark, you are restricted to the angles you can get and, overall, it’s pretty demanding on your kit. Of course, what shots you get depend on what you’re trying to achieve according to your client’s brief.

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So first week of website done!

7 September 2015 | Category: Blog chat

This time seven days ago, I would lying if I said I wasn't a touch apprehensive. Yes, our old website was antiquated and in desperate need of an update but at least it worked reliably, day after day - indeed I can count the number of times it went wrong over 7 years of service on one hand......

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The handbag camera dilemma...

6 June 2012 | Category: Blog chat

The world of compact cameras is an interesting one - as phone cameras get better and better at taking pictures, you wonder whether it is worth buying a compact at all. Up to recently I have always used a Canon S100 (and...

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More DLR video action

25 June 2010 | Category: Blog chat

Reading through my usual list of feeds, one caught my attention this morning from What Digital Camera about a couple of video applications of the 7D and 5D Mk II. The first is a music video shot entirely on the 7D. Very impressive it is too. Okay l...

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Canon XF305/XF300 - Why 1/3 inch sensors?

29 April 2010 | Category: Blog chat

Last night was the launch of the new Canon XF300 and XF305 MPEG2 camcorders. Unfortunately I couldn't go as I was talking at the Midlands area IOV meeting but Yoann kindly went in my absence. One question I was dying to have answered was why go to a...

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