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We take responsibility for our impact on the environment seriously and are striving to become a Net Zero organisation through changes in behaviour and attitudes, setting new targets and updating our policies and ethos to one of reduction.

Detailed below are our current commitments to reaching Net Zero, alongside supporting projects to end climate change.


We review our energy provider on an annual basis, we are currently with British Gas who provide 48% of their electricity from renewable sources. We continue to look for sustainable providers who can help us in our goal to operate on 100% renewable energy.

As part of this process, together with our landlord we are looking to install solar panels on the warehouse and office buildings, with the aim of providing the majority of our energy requirements through this method within the next two years.

In the past 18 months we have changed all of our lighting throughout the offices and warehouses to low energy automated LED lighting and, in 2020 we upgraded our heating and cooling systems replacing inefficient solutions with new A+ rated appliances. 

Where possible all sockets/workstations are switched off overnight and all batteries are removed from charging stations when they are at full capacity, to reduce power consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

All computers, printers and devices are set up to operate on energy saving modes to ensure they are using the least amount of energy possible when not in use.

We have eliminated the use of single use canned air by installing air compression guns.


To limit the use of single use cardboard nearly all our equipment is shipped in flight cases or reusable packaging. 

All equipment instructions manuals are digitised and supplied on USB drives to reduce our use of paper and reduce the impact on shipping.

We wrap all delicate items in LDPE plastic bubble wrap or brown paper both of which are 100% recyclable. We ask all our customers to reuse the packing materials provided where possible for the return of the equipment.

We use 100% recyclable packaging tape supplied by Fragile Kraft and recyclable paper ties to secure cables wherever possible to reduce plastic waste

All our courier bags are 100% recyclable.


At Hireacamera we have two streams of waste - General Waste and Dry Mixed Recycling. Our waste contractor Biffa operate a Zero Waste to Landfill Policy, so nothing goes to waste or sits on a landfill site.

All of our batteries are recycled at the end of their life. We encourage all our clients to return any used batteries so we can arrange for them to be recycled locally.

Used ink cartridges are returned via a recycling service provided by Bluefish Stationery who are ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified.

We use a local shredding provider Wastepaper Solutions licenced by the environmental agency for all our confidential waste.


Wherever possible we choose equipment we know to be durable and long lasting over products that “do the job” or will only serve as a stop gap.

We celebrate the changes in technology manufacturers are making especially those that reduce their carbon footprint. A good example of this is in lighting and the move to LED.

We started adopting this technology back in 2010 and consequently 90% of our lighting equipment is now LED. We also took the decision to stop offering single use plastic gels back in 2018 to reduce non-recyclable plastic waste.

We source all our equipment purchases either from the manufacturer or approved, reputable and accredited resellers. We work with our suppliers and clients to consolidate deliveries wherever possible to reduce CO2 emissions.

All of our suppliers have the highest standards and awareness of their environmental impact and responsibilities.

Where equipment reaches the end of its practical life as a hireable product, we work hard to ensure it is reused or upcycled, rather than outright disposal. Where the product is beyond economical repair, we strip the product of all recyclable components or sell the item for spare parts.  


We encourage all our employees to car share, cycle or use public transport in to minimise the amount of emissions being produced.

We have a fleet of 6 vehicles of which 4 are hybrid or all electric and the remaining 2 will be changed at the end of their leases (2026).

We have installed an electronic charging point at our premisses a further 2 will be installed later this year.


We use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and source toilet paper from Who Gives a Crap, a company putting sanitisation in areas around the world still struggling with public hygiene. All paper is recycled and unbleached.

We have removed all single use items from the staff kitchen and encourage employees to use reusable food packaging wherever possible.

We recycle all our coffee pods so that they can be reused

We are currently reviewing providers of carbon offset schemes such as Just One Tree and are actively looking for a solution that meets our needs and those of our customers, whilst achieving the most benefit for the environment.  


We are committed to ensuring our teams follow the policies and procedures set out by Hireacamera. Colleagues are provided with training and encouraged to participate in developing and supporting these initiatives.