Delivery & Collection

How we deliver

The equipment will be dispatched from us at around 5pm the day before delivery so to ensure that this deadline is made, all orders must be packed by this time. A dispatch email will be sent to you once the equipment has left us.

All deliveries will be attempted before midday on the day of delivery.  As we use DMS/APC, a national courier, there is always the very slight chance of a mis-sort where part or all of the consignment is sent to the incorrect depot. In these instances, we will organise either for that equipment to be re-delivered or we will send out additional equipment – in both cases, this will arrive either later that afternoon or before 10am on the morning of the hire.

You will be required to be present to receive and sign for the equipment. For your first hire, the equipment will normally need to be sent to the registered address of the debit/credit card holder. Thereafter you are more than welcome to have it delivered elsewhere or collect the equipment from a local courier depot.

Please do contact us if your equipment has not arrived on time – the longer we have to resolve the situation, the better we can serve you!


How we collect

Unlike some hire companies, collection is included in your charge and is something we organise ourselves.  Details of your collection will be included in your dispatch documents. Please do note that this is an all day collection so we cannot specify pickup times. 

If you are not able to stay in, you have two options – let us know an alternative address to have it picked up from or you are also more than welcome to take it to your nearest APC depot. Please note, if you do decide to do this, please can you let us know as we will need to provide you with a consignment number to present to APC upon arrival and book it with the depot before hand.


Same day delivery

We are also able to arrange same day Nationwide delivery. Please do contact us if you require more details on the cost of delivering to you.  Please note that using a same day courier will incur additional courier charges.


Can I use Royal Mail?

We are more than happy to consider the best options for you, both in terms of convenience and cost. On first thought, posting back to us would seem the most convenient method by far.  There is however one huge problem and that is the prohibitive cost of doing so.  It is hugely more expensive to use the Royal Mail - for a package up to 10kg, with insurance up to £2,500, for 1pm delivery the next day is £29.60.  This is almost the same price for BOTH delivery and collection using our courier service.


The costs involved

We are pretty good customers with our couriers and that reflects in what they charge us and thus what we charge you! The whole charging scheme is based on weight with packages up to 7kg cost £29 inc VAT for delivery and collection in total. Thereafter it will increase on a 'per kilo' basis.  Clearly the more equipment you have, the higher the price, however you will often find that adding a lens or two will make no or little difference to the price. 

We can offer both Saturday delivery and early morning delivery – both these options incur extra cost. Please also note that additional charges are made for delivering to the Scottish Highlands, Isle of Wight and Scottish Offshore.


How quickly can I get the equipment?

We will always try our best to get equipment to you as soon as possible.  If you are an existing customer, then as long as you contact us before 4.30pm and we have the equipment in stock, there is nothing to stop it being dispatched immediately to be with you the next day. 

If you are a new customer, please do allow more time as we will require all your documentation to be verified before the equipment can leave us.  Same-day requests are not unusual for us and we are only too happy to arrange personal pick-up from our offices or look at arranging a courier for you.


How everything is packed

Almost without exception, all of our equipment will be delivered in a flight case (Pelicase or Storm Case).  Tripods are always sent out in padded bags with the professional ones also then encased in a hard resin case. We are realistic that things do get bashed around by the couriers so we try to make sure that everything arrives with you in the best order possible. We are also aware that sometimes equipment can get damaged, despite our best efforts, so please do check everything as soon as it arrives.  You must let us know by 4pm at the very latest on the day of delivery if there is a problem.  If you do not inform us before 4pm, we cannot be held responsible and assume that any defects have happened under your care.


Delivery to work

If you are an existing customer, we are happy to deliver the goods to an alternative address so if it suits you better to receive the goods at work, we will happily arrange it. Please do make sure however that we have clear instructions on where to deliver the goods and whom will sign for them.  As the hirer, you are responsible for those goods so it is imperative that they are accounted for upon arrival.

Normally all new customers will be required to have their goods delivered to the registered address of their debit/credit card (usually their home address). In certain circumstances, where proof of employment can be produced, we are happy to send the equipment to a place of work.  Please note that the same conditions apply for existing customers.


Delivery to hotels

We can only deliver to hotels using a dedicated courier service once we have a specific contact at that hotel and have confirmed their existence and acceptance of the responsibility.  We reserve the right to refuse delivery of goods if we are not completely satisfied.  


Delivery outside the UK

Sadly we can only deliver to the UK (excluding Northern Ireland).


Checking equipment upon arrival

We will check everything thoroughly upon dispatch. However, should the worst happen and something gets broken in transit, we do need to know about it as soon as possible to ensure we get the problem sorted for you. So please do check everything is not only present and correct but also working once the equipment arrives with you and notify us before 4pm on the day of delivery should you have any concerns.