If you are NOT a limited company, you will be treated as an individual paying on your personal debit/credit card. Please refer to our Terms of Use for details.

We require two telephone numbers - a landline and a mobile number. Why? Very simply if your mobile number goes down, we still need to get hold of you, it is also a stipulation of our insurance company.

If you are a Limited Company or Partnership paying by company debit/credit card we will need a letter of confirmation on company headed paper as proof of identification.  Please feel free to use the following template - 

Dear Hireacamera,

This letter is to confirm the order I have placed for 'equipment' for ‘delivery/collection in person’ on 'date' and ‘collection/return in person’ on 'date'. The delivery address for this is 'address' and the collection address for this is 'address'.

The total hire charge for this is '£' the deposit for this is '£'. I authorise you to debit this amount from the card details that I have provided you with.

Yours sincerely

Signature and Date

('Full Name' - to be signed by the authorised card holder)

Terms and Conditions - required for both personal and business hires

If you have NOT booked on-line, you will also need you to return our Terms of Use signed by the authorised credit/debit card holder.

Please be aware that on a first time hire you may be asked to provide details of a referee

Where we are not satisfied with the validity of either the intended hirer or the purpose for which the equipment is being hired, we reserve the right to refuse to hire. Your statutory rights are not affected, and all documentation provided will be destroyed.