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Zacuto Gratical HD Viewfinder Hire

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The Gratical HD Micro OLED electronic viewfinder uses an extremely powerful FPGA dual core processor and the latest Micro-OLED displays to provide a hugely expanded contrast range. Our Micro-OLED display supports high pixel density with unparalleled resolution, true blacks, gamma and contrast range. The Gratical HD has 5.4 million pixels on a 0.61” diagonal screen no bigger than the size of your thumbnail.

The Gratical HD includes two HDMI and two SDI ports with cross conversion from HDMI to SDI. Weather resistant covers prevent moisture or debris from getting in open ports.

You’ll be amazed with how sharp the image is. The internal field of view is just the right size so that the image is large, but not so that your eye has to roam to see the entire image at once. It features a built in -1 to +4 diopter range and Zacuto’s latest anti-fog coating formula. An auto-closing eyecup door prevents sunburn display automatically without any action by the operator.

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Description Quantity
iM2100 / iM2200 Black Flight Case
LP-E6 Li-ion Battery
Charger with UK Plug Adapter
Hireacamera USB Drive (Containing Manual)


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  • Sony - PXW-FS7 II Zacuto Interview Package
    Sony - PXW-FS7 II Zacuto Interview Package

    The Sony PXW-FS7 II Zacuto Interview Package is an ideal solution for filming interviews and includes a Zacuto Next Generation FS7 II Recoil Rig, Sony dual channel wireless lapel mic system that bolts straight onto the camera, Metabones adapter for use with EF lenses (provided as standard with the FS7 II), extra memorybatteries & more, see below for details.

    Kit includes: Sony MDR-7506 Headphones, Zacuto Gratical HD Viewfinder, Generic HDMI Cable, Zacuto Next Gen. Sony FS7 and FS7 II Recoil Rig, Sony URX-P03D dual-channel portable receiver with two transmitters, Sony SMAD-P3D SHOE MK 2, Hedbox BP75D Multi Purpose Battery Pack, Sony PXW-FS7 II, Sony G Series XQD card 120GB