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Singleman Dolly (Updated) - Curved Track Kit Indie Dolly Systems 54

Indie Dolly Systems Singleman Dolly (Updated) - Curved Track Kit

Dolly is the updated model - see overview for full description

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Indie Dolly Singleman Dolly:

The Indie-Dolly IND.SPR.DN Singleman Dolly is a portable spreader based dolly system that requires only one person to set-up and operate. It supports up to 30 pounds of available camera and tripod, includes interchangeable studio casters and track wheels, and fits into an included soft sided carry case. The Singleman Dolly is designed to support your tripod, and allow it to ride on available tracks. The heart of the system is the spreader unit that folds for transport and features adjustable arms to fit your tripod and available dolly track

The update to the original Singleman Dolly includes:

A 100mm Hi-Hat that allows you to use an available video head with a 100mm ball or when using the 75 to 100mm adapter you can also mount a video head with a 75mm ball to the Hi-Hat. Two different sized risers allow you to adjust the height of the Hi-Hat on the spreader. The update also includes the interchangeable studio caster wheels that provide smooth movement when you reposition the camera. The interchangeable track wheels are compatible with available IDS dolly track and PVC pipe.

Suitable for small productions with limited crew as it requires only one person to set-up and operate the dolly.
The spreader is adjustable to fit the spread of the dolly track and to match the leg spread of the tripod.
The spreader features bindings that hold the feet of an available tripod secure.
Interchangeable caster wheels allow you to roll an attached available tripod around a smooth studio floor to reposition the shot. The casters feature integrated foot locks.
The interchangeable track wheels ride on available IDS track or PVC track. The track wheels ride on both straight and curved track.
The included Hi-Hat supports 100mm and 75mm ball base fluid heads when using the included adapter.
Two different sized risers provide either 3.5" or 6.5" of height to the Hi-Hat.

The Indie-Dolly Curved Track Kit lets you add to your existing dolly track system to increase the range of your camera's dollying movement. With additional kits you can complete a full 360-degree circle with a diameter of 20 feet (6.1m), or you can add to a straight track system to follow your subject from other angles. With its precision-machined dowel pins and black support blocks, the kit provides seamless and smooth transition between tracks and dolly platform, fastening together quickly and securely.

Lightweight, compact, and easy to set up
Seamless and smooth transition between tracks and dolly platform--fastens together quickly and securely
Additional straight and curved units can be attached to perform a dolly of any distance or a full 360-degree circle
Custom carrybag included, for added portability

Please note that by using a combination of curved and straight tracks together, the dolly will become detached.

Description Quantity
Curved Track1
Hireacamera USB Drive (Containing condition photographs)1
Black IDS carry case1
Small accessory bag (black)1
Plastic track supports (black)15
White track connection dowels (plastic)12
Velcro straps (black)4
Metal track sections4
Rubber caps for track sections16
Singleman Dolly (Updated)1
Hireacamera USB Drive (Containing condition photographs)1
Red wheel units (for use with track)3
Grey wheel units (for use on flooring)3
Main dolly unit1
Large silver thumb screws (on dolly unit)5
Rubber tripod foot clamp3
Silver screws for rubber foot clamps9
Short centre poles (at centre of dolly)3
Long black centre poles (in black bag)3
Small tripod ring (silver)1
Large tripod ring (black)1
Small black allen bolts (at centre of dolly unit)9
Small silver allen bolts (at centre of dolly unit)11
Allen key (in accessory bag)1
Black IDS carry case1
Small accessory bag (black)1
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