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Hire Polecam Starter Kit

3 section carbon fibre crane with remote head.

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'The Polecam Starter Kit is an excellent tool for both filmmakers and photographers seeking to add another layer of creativity to their projects. A lightweight and versatile camera crane system, it offers a great range of benefits that appeal to a wide range of users. The advanced features and high functionality of the Polecam Starter Kit make it a standout choice for those looking to bring an added layer of creativity to their projects. With the camera crane system, filmmakers can achieve smooth and sweeping camera movements, creating visually captivating shots that would be impossible to achieve with traditional static setups. '  



Key Features

• Portability and Speed: The Polecam Starter Kit is designed for quick deployment and easy relocation, and can be fully set up in less than 10 minutes.
• Strength and Durability: Constructed from high-grade aluminium and military-grade carbon fibre, this crane arm provides a high strength, rigid platform that's simultaneously super lightweight.
• Versatility: From portable cameras such as the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, right up to Canon’s hefty Cine range, this kit accommodates a wide range of camcorders.
• Innovative Design: The redesigned electronic head provides precise damping, superior control characteristics, and flexible adaptability for larger camera dimensions.
• Long Reach: With carbon fibre tubes that slot neatly together, the Polecam system allows for a reach from 1.5m (5’) to 4.5m (15’), enabling those long sweeping crane shots.
• Power Options: The Polecam Starter Kit operates via an AC/DC PSU or standard V-Lock batteries, providing flexibility for different shooting conditions.

The Polecam Starter Kit is a testament to superior technology combined with practicality. Recognised as an originator of a super lightweight, easily portable, low profile yet highly versatile crane systems, Polecam has designed this equipment for quick deployment, capable of being fully set up in under 10 minutes. This makes it an indispensable tool for filmmakers who frequently need to relocate their locations.

Constructed from high-grade, lightweight aluminium, the backend section provides the main structure of the rig, integrating a counterbalance system. Utilising military specification carbon fibre for the crane arm, this technology offers a high strength, rigid platform, while keeping a low profile. The Polecam Starter Kit responds to the growing demand for an effective modular camera crane. Enter the exciting world of camera jibs and get those captivating long, sweeping crane shots that were previously only achievable with bulky, hefty equipment.

To accommodate bulky filmmaking equipment, Polecam's engineers have undertaken a full redesign of their award-winning remote-controlled Pan & Tilt head. This new electronic head design provides superior control characteristics, precise damping, and an unprecedented level of flexibility for larger camera dimensions.

The Polecam system, with its Carbon Fibre tubes that slot together, provides a reach from 1.5m (5’) to 4.5m (15’). This system is centred around a modular aluminium ‘back-end’, with an electronic, remote-controlled, pan/tilt head that fits the carbon poles, creating a simple yet effective camera crane. The Starter Pack Plus is an upgraded system that allows you to construct a crane tailored to your needs.

Whether you're filming from the back of a car, on a boat, or the edge of a mountain, the Polecam System navigates tight spots where a traditional crane would falter.

The PSP+ version is fully operational straight out of the box - all you need to do is add the camera of your choice. Power to the rig is supplied either by the AC/DC PSU or via standard "V-Lock" batteries (supplied) which can be locked on the backend of the PSP+ battery plate which is fitted as standard with "V-Lock" mounting brackets and manual power switchover. Additionally the PSP+ is supplied with a Monitor mounting bracket, 4Pin XLR to XLR power cable (monitor included) and a 10m BNC to BNC HD-sdi spec video cable. We do have other cables available – please do check with us when booking.


Elevate your filming experience with the Polecam Starter Kit. As a super lightweight, easily portable camera crane, it provides a high-strength platform that can accommodate a variety of video cameras.

The redesigned electronic remote-controlled pan tilt head ensures precise damping and superior control, while the modular crane system facilitates long sweeping shots that add a professional touch to your production. It's not just a camera crane, it's a creative tool that brings your visions to life.

Description Quantity
Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)3
Carbon Fibre Tubes3
Back End Assembly1
Pan/Tilt Head1
Accessory Wallet1
Wiring Loom1
Rigging Stand1
Monitor Clamp1
Tripod Clamp1
1/4 Screw to Attach Camera3
Long HDMI Cable1
Long BNC Cable2
Black Flight Case1
USB Drive (Containing Manual)1
Power Adapter GS90A151
Black Ostrich Nut1
XLR to DC power cable1
XLR male to female power cable1
3/8 Screw1
VL-2X2 Charger1
VL-100 V-Lok Battery2
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