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Hire Hague Tracking Dolly

Ideal for use with our tripods, this provides a very cost effective solution

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The dolly has two sets of locating holes for the tripod legs, which means the tripod can be used in both high and low positions. It has eight radial ball bearing wheels which set the track width to the correct positions as the dolly moves down the track.

The Tracking Dolly is ideal for use on location or in the studio, all you need is a reasonably flat surface. The dollies width has been set to allow it to go through doorways, it has its own levelling system which prevents any rocking should the track be on uneven ground. It runs on inexpensive 40mm dia. PVC pipe of which 12m is supplied and more is available from DIY stores. The dolly will accept all tripods that have feet smaller than 45mm in diameter or with a base spreader, 3 straps are supplied for securing your tripod to the dolly and also supplied are 2 track connectors for joining your track.

Description Quantity
Dolly Travel Case1
Dolly Track Connector6
1.5m Dolly Track8
Bars with rollers2
Bungee cords with hooks2
Middle bar with 2 screws1
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