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Hire Tiffen 82mm Skin Softness Kit for 82, 77 & 72mm lenses

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The Skin Softness Kit filters are all optical resolution cutting filters designed to reduce the harsh effects of modern lenses of fine detail. This fine detail can be unflattering on skin texture. The process of adding these filters aids the removal of unwanted harshness and skin blemishes in more organic and subtle look and will speed up post processing, trying to emulate this effect

The two filter types in this kit that offer the above results are Soft FX and Digital Diffusion FX. With the Soft FX offering a stronger style of softening than the very subtle Digital Diffusion FX. 

Description Quantity
77mm - 82mm step-up ring1
82mm digital diffusion FX2 filter1
82mm Soft / FX 1/2 Filter1
82mm Digital Diffusion FX 1/2 Filter1
82mm Soft FX 1 Filter1
72mm - 82mm Step-Up Ring1
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