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Hire Tiffen Location Contrast Kit for 82, 77 & 72mm lenses

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Controlling excessive contrast by filling in shadow areas with bounce and fill is not always an option on location and on wider shoots some times totally impractical. The contrast control filters in this kit have been designed to lower the disparity in your images contrast range with out unduly adding excessive halation associated with diffusion filters that lower contrast. Using such filters in high contrast exterior environments can speed up your workflow and post processes. They are particularly useful tools for video shooting where shutter and aperture speeds cannot be changed and even more so on compressed formats such as DSLR HD filming.

The two filter types in this kit that offer the above results are Ultra Contrast and Soft Contrast. Both of these unique Tiffen Filters offer differing approaches to controlling excessive contrast on location. The ultra contrast absorbs ambient light and spreads it into the shadow area with minimal flare or halation. Whilst the Soft contrast reduces the hi-light areas producing a muted pastel look to the image. The Soft contrast can be used with or with a one-stop compensation to affect the density of the filters stop loss.

Description Quantity
77mm - 82mm step-up ring1
82mm Low Contrast 1/2 Filter1
82mm Ultra Contrast 2 Filter1
82mm Ultra Contrast 1/2 Filter1
72mm - 82mm Step-Up Ring1
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