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Hire Manfrotto Friction arm with Anti-rotation attachment and Nano Clamp

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  • Made of aluminium, to offer high payload and great robustness.
  • Ergonomic handle allows to achieve a high mechanical torque
  • Full set of interchangeable adapters available
  • The kit includes Manfrotto Nano Clamp 386B-1

Versatile 15cm (5.9”) friction arm kit with Anti-rotation attachment on one end, ¼’’ attachment on the other end and Nano Clamp 386B-1 included. The Anti-rotation system is compatible with Manfrotto products: 055 series, 190 series, and 386B-1 Nano Clamp. The unique shape of the Anti-rotation adapter allow the equipment to be securely interlocked so the arm will not rotate anymore.

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