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Hire Canon CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S

A revolution in video production. The large-format Canon CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S brings high-end quality cine-servo features like super-smooth servo zoom and focus at an affordable price point.


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• Canon EF mount compatibility provides support for fast and accurate Dual Pixel CMOS auto focus, camera-to-lens servo power supply, automatic lens metadata acquisition for easy post-processing and lens functions such as peripheral illumination correction

• Purpose-built video lens with a focal length of 18-80mm and optical zoom of 4.4x

• High-end features make the Canon CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S ideal for professional or advanced videographers

• Canon ZSG-C10 remote zoom grip offers fluid zoom control, a dedicated one-shot AF button and the flexibility to use handheld – shoulder-mounted or with a tripod

• Superior Canon optics provide stable brightness levels of T4.4 (F4) across the entire zoom range

• DC & USM motors for fast, fluid and quiet servo zoom and focus control

• 3 modes of image stabilisation for crisp, clear video

• Easy to use and work with, weighing only 1.2kg

• 9-leaf iris helps create beautiful, cinematic bokeh effects

• High optical resolving power and optomechanical design to meet all 4K shooting requirements

• Significantly reduced ‘focus breathing’ means less distortion and more consistent shooting

Professional cine optics for videographers
From movies and documentaries to weddings and corporate videos, the Canon CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S (Compact Cine Servo Lens) is designed to answer the needs of professional shooters and advanced amateur videographers. With a powerful 4.4x optical zoom and 18-80mm focal length, the lens is an ideal all-purpose lens, weighing only 1.2kg yet including precise servo zoom and focus functions for a smooth professional look and feel in all your shots. 

All the advantages of EF mount compatibility
Designed to work with Canon EF mount DSLRs and compatible detachable lens video cameras, the Canon Compact Cine Servo Lens takes advantage of the huge range of Canon EF mount functions, including 3 modes of image stabilisation and super-fast autofocusing. Powerful Dual Pixel CMOS AF means you can quickly and accurately focus with a single push of a button, while continuous AF lets you track your subject without losing focus. Peripheral illumination correction helps maintain an even illumination across the entire frame, while the lens and camera remain in constant communication, from lens metadata acquisition for easier post-processing to even allowing you to select a ‘T’ number or ‘F’ number on your camera’s display. 

Beautiful bokeh
One of the hallmarks of great video is professional control over the depth of field of focus, helping draw the eye and focus the viewer’s attention on your subject. Achieving a distinctive, out-of-focus bokeh effect for your videos is simple – the Canon Compact Cine Servo Lens employs a 9-blade iris, resulting in points of light rendered in a pleasing bokeh that will make your work stand out.

Reduced focus breathing
Using still photography lenses for video projects means ‘focus breathing’ can sometimes be an issue. Focus breathing is the subtle distortion of perspective that takes place as a lens zooms in and out, but as a dedicated videography lens, the Canon Compact Cine Servo Lens has been engineered to reduce focus breathing and keep distortion to a minimum.

4K-quality optics
The Canon Compact Cine Servo Lens is built to be future-proof. Canon engineers have ensured its resolving power is accurate, from the middle of the lens to the edge, while its modulation transfer function (MTF) has been optimised for the requirements of 4K cameras. With reduced chromatic aberration and colour balance matched perfectly to other Canon Cinema EOS lenses, the Canon Compact Cine Servo Lens provides incredible image quality whether you’re shooting in 4K or HD. 

ZSG-C10 detachable servo grip
Designed exclusively for the Compact Cine Servo Lens, the Canon ZSG-C10 zoom grip creates whole new shooting opportunities, allowing super-smooth remote activation of the zoom servo and one-shot AF. Connected to the lens body via a 20-pin cable, the ZSG-C10 can be operated while mounted on the lens barrel (for comfortable shoulder-mounted shooting), or detached from the lens and used handheld. The ZSG-C10 includes an easy-to-control rocker switch, start/stop record button, one-shot autofocus button and an adjustable grip angle for optimal comfort.


Description Quantity
Allen Key1
Back Cap1
E-77 II Lens Cap1
iM2200 Black Flight Case1
Lens Hood for CN-E 18-80mm1
ZSG-C10 Remote Zoom Grip1
Grip Mounting Bracket With 3 Allen Key screws1
1/4 Mounting Bracket With 2 Allen Key Screws1

Supplied with ZSG-C10 detachable servo grip.

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