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Hire Elinchrom 44cm Softlite Silver & Deflectors & Grid

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Ideal for beauty and portrait work, the Softlite Silver offers extra contrast for stunning images, while the grid limits the light spread to offer sharper shadows. 


Wide Angled

These are the best reflectors to combine with umbrellas. Grids for the Grid Reflector 18 cm and the Standard Reflector 21cm are available as well as Barndoor sets for the Standard Reflector 21cm making these wide angle reflectors very versatile tools.

Beauty Dish

Beauty dishes, slightly harder lighting than a softbox and giving better definition of facial features, are perfect for close in beauty and portrait work. The included Deflector Set modifies the tone and softness. The light can be further softened with the optional showercap diffuser.


These reflectors are the best reflectors to use on location for example, when overpowering the sun is needed.


* Excessive heat can damage units and accessories.  Reduce modelling lamp power when reflectors are used with grids or snoots.  Grids should never be used with 650W modelling lamps. *

Description Quantity
White Deflector1
Silver Deflector1
Frosted Deflector1
Gold Deflector1
Deflector Rod2
44cm Octagonal Grid1
44cm Silver Beauty Dish1
Protec Softlite Case1
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