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Hire Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom

Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom Core Kit, 2 Stage Matte Box with Detachable Lens Shade for 4x5.65 and 4x4 inch Filters 

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Lighter than light, Every gram counts
Misfit ATOM weighs just 98g without the shade,and 195g with it. That’s less than a quarter theweight of a standard Misfit or LMB25.

Gimbals & Steadicam, Making the impossible possible
When you’re pushed for weight, you won’t need totape a filter to the lens anymore. With Misfit ATOMyou can remove the shade and just use it as a filter holder. It’s safer, quicker, and a whole lot more.

A unique filter system, Thinking outside the box
The tray less filter holder allows you to loadfilters directly into the core, keeping weight to anabsolute minimum. You can still tilt filters fortotal flare control. You can use one or two filters. Either 4x4 or 4x5.65, oreven a combination of both.

Strong & light, Now you can have both
To maximise strength to weight ratio, we cut from asingle block of billet aluminium, and stripped it tothe core. Just because we made it light, we didn’t compromiseon strength. Made from hard anodised aluminium andelasto-polymer, you won’t find any plastic here.

A flare for design, Tilting filter trays
Why put up with unwanted filter reflections?You don’t have to, and with Misfit ATOMit couldn’t be easier to remove them. Simply place the filters in the diagonalposition and the problem is gone.

Wider field of view, It's what we do best
Cover lenses as wide as a 14mm Cooke S4.Use RED Pro Zooms at 5K. Vignettes are a thing of the past.

Description Quantity
iM2100 / iM2200 Black Flight Case1
Matte Box Core1
  -  iM2100 / iM2200 Black Flight Case1
  -  Orange Thumb Screw4
  -  Silver Thumb Screw2
  -  Black Thumb Screw1
  -  Beige Bag1
  -  Paperwork1
  -  Accessory Mounting Hole Logo Rubber Cover1
Orange Thumb Screw1
Beige Bag1
Silver Screws (in position on Atom)2
Anti Reflective Filter Mount1
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