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Hire Indie Dolly Systems Straight Track

IDS Indie Dolly Systems IND.S.T.KIT - 4 sections (each section = 3 feet) of straight track in custom carry bag

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The Indie Dolly track is constructed from high grade anodized aluminium. Sections are connected using precision machined dowel pins which are manufactured to a tolerance of +/- 0.001".

Adjoining sections are held together using custom-made velcro strips.
All Indie Dolly track kits contain 4 lengths of track. The straight track kit has 4 lengths of 3ft. 
The Indie Dolly track is supplied with black track support blocks which must be placed under every joint and in the centre of each track length in order to eliminate track sag in use.

Description Quantity
Black IDS carry case1
Small accessory bag (black)1
Plastic track supports (black)16
White track connection dowels (plastic)12
Velcro straps (black)4
Metal track sections4
Rubber caps for track sections16

Please note that by using a combination of curved (not included) and straight tracks, the dolly may become detached.

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