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Hire Gitzo Systematic Series 5 - Giant, 6 Sections. Inc. Head & levelling Base

The Gitzo GT5563GS, designed to reach the greatest heights, securely supporting longer lenses and heavy cameras, including 3 part head.

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The Gitzo GT5563GS Series 5 Systematic Giant is a commanding, 6-section, professional carbon fiber tripod designed to reach the greatest heights, securely supporting longer lenses and heavy cameras. Series 5 models are Gitzo’s most rigid tripod and like the rest of the Systematic family, they set the standard in terms of strength, stability and modularity. The GT5563GS’ top casting element opens and closes, allowing the tripod to be configured with a flat disk, geared or sliding center column, video half-ball adaptor, levelling base or other Systematic accessories.
The GT5563GS weighs 3.56 Kg and secures an outstanding payload of 40 Kg, reaching all the way up to a height of 278 cm when extended. It can also go as low as 10 cm and folds down to 73 cm. A highly reliable, versatile and agile solution, this model features Gitzo's Carbon eXact tubes with G-Lock Ultra twist-locks that solidly connect the leg sections and protect them from dirt damage. New, ultra-stable, removable feet make this support even more secure. The Easy Link attachment provides enhanced versatility and ergonomics, enabling users to attach a wide array of optional accessories, such as a Manfrotto arms, LED lighting solutions, monitors, etc.
With a top leg diameter of 41.3mm and top casting that is larger than Series 3 and 4 Systematics, this tripod guarantees the ultimate sturdiness and stability.
The iconic GT5563GS is the preferred choice of the most demanding professionals looking for a secure solution to elevate their heavier equipment and longer lenses to incredible heights. It replaces the GT5562GTS.


Carbon eXact:

Revolutionary Carbon eXact tubes are even stiffer to maximize rigidity and image stability. Carbon eXact optimizes the fibre composition for each tube size, using HM (High Modulus) carbon fibre in the narrower tubes to make them stiffer. The tube diameters are also optimized: the final leg section of a 4 section Series 1 tripod is now 22.5% thicker than its predecessor.

Interchangeable feet

This feature allows you to easily change worn out rubber feet or to fit other accessories, such as spiked feet or snow/sand shoes.

G-lock ultra

Our G-lock system has been redesigned from the inside out; G-lock Ultra is smoother and softer to use, and is designed to reduce dust and grit from getting in.


Weight: 3560 g
Material: CarbonExact
Safety Payload Weight: 40 kg
Top Attachment: 3/8″ screw
Min Height: 10 cm
Maximum Height: 278 cm
Closed Length: 73 cm
Upper Disc Diameter: 90 mm
Center Column: no centre column


Comprised of Systematic Centre Ball Head, Systematic Levelling Base & Systematic Half Bowl

The most powerful balanced precision tripod ball head
Ideal for systematic tripods
Independent pan lock and friction control
True friction control for comfortable framing adjustments
Arca-Swiss compatible plate, 1/4″ top attachment


Like all the other Gitzo Center Ball Heads, the GH3382QD is a perfectly balanced and versatile tripod head, engineered to ensure the ultimate smoothness and precision of movement and secure locking.

The Gitzo GH3382QD Series 3 Center Ball Head is Gitzo’s larger size professional tripod ball head. Weighing 770 grams, this tripod ball head safely holds an impressive 18-kg load. The GH3382QD has a larger ball and quick-release adapter compared to the smaller versions. It ensures strong, comfortable use with heavier equipment. It is rich in features, including a friction control knob located inside the ball locking knob for precise adjustment. This model features 360° Independent panning lock and provides uncompromising ball smoothness since it’s constructed with high-quality, high-resistance steel and aluminium components. The supplied quick-release plate is kept locked with a screw-knob and a bubble level helps photographers keep a straight horizon.

It is supplied with the Arca-Swiss compatible plate (GS5370D), but is also compatible with all of Gitzo's D profile plates and fits most Arca-Swiss style plates from other brands.


Weight: 770 g
Safety Payload Weight: 18 kg
Material: Aluminium
Top Attachment 1/4″ screw
Base Diameter 60 mm
Plate Type GS5370D
Friction Control Yes
Front Tilt -90° / +40°
Lateral Tilt -90° / +40°
Panoramic Rotation 360
Ball Locking Yes
Bubble Spirit Level: Yes
Independent Pan Lock Yes
Independent Tilt Lock yes
Pan Bar Included No
Quick Release Yes
Working Height 12.6 cm



Gitzo tripod Systematic

Description Quantity
Systematic Quick Release Centre Ball Head1
  -  Allen Key2
  -  Ball Head with Quick Release Plate1
  -  1/4 Inch Screw1
  -  Carry pouch (grey/black)1
Systematic Levelling Base1
  -  locking leaver with rubber end1
  -  Spirit Level1
  -  3/8 Mounting Screw + E-Clip1
  -  Tie Down1
  -  Carry pouch (grey/black)1
Systematic 75mm Series 5 Half Bowl Video Adapter1
Systematic Series 5 - Giant, 6 Sections1
  -  Star Key (in bag pocket)2
  -  Allen Key (in bag pocket)1
  -  Flexible (ball) Foot3
  -  Static Foot (in bag pocket)3
  -  Central Plate with 3/8 and Grub Screw1
  -  Thumb Turn with Fastening Screw1
  -  110cm Tripod Bag1
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