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Hire Lee Filters SW150 105mm II Filter Holder

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The Holder includes 2 Filter slots and Lightshield

The SW150 filter holder comes assembled with two filter slots, enabling you to use neutral density graduated filters in combination with other filters. The holder also comes fitted with a Lightshield. The shield helps to prevent unwanted back reflections and creates a light tight seal enabling the use of any of the Stopper Range of long exposure filters.

How to use the SW150 Stopper range

The Stopper should be placed in the rear filter slot, closest to the lens, with the filter’s foam seal facing the lens. If you apply slight pressure to the foam from the rear of the filter as you slide it in, this will ensure that the foam edge does not snag on the top edge of the Lightshield. Only slight pressure is required. Ensure that the Lightshield is secure. The filter should be accurately aligned with the edge of the Lightshield, with the filter’s foam snugly against it. This prevents any light leaking in behind the filter and causing flare. If using the holder in bright conditions, you should always shade the holder to avoid any direct sunlight hitting it. This is good practice in all conditions and limits the likelihood of flare and rear reflections. Don’t forget to cover the eyepiece when taking long exposures, to prevent light entering the camera through the viewfinder and fogging the sensor.

PLEASE NOTE: Does not include adapter ring to attach to the front of lens, please see accessories. If you are unsure, you can use LEE Filters' System Matching tool, HERE.

Description Quantity
Filter Pouch1
Face Blade2
Rear Blade2
Filter Guide4
Black Thumb Screw1
Rubber Light Shield1
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